What If I See My Ex Post-Breakup Encounters

"But what if I see my ex?" After a relationship ends, this is a worrisome concept. Whether the breakup was amicable or messy, handling that first ex encounter can be tricky. Take the fear out of the equation with these tips to match every possible situation.

You See Your Ex-and His New Fling
Repeat after me, "I will not go into a jealous rage is I see my ex with someone new." Nothing good will come from having a freakout. If seeing your ex with a new girl does conjure up old feelings, good or bad, take the situation in stride. Say hello, smile and make a seamless exit as soon as you can.

My Ex Sees Me-and My New Fling
Put yourself in your ex's shoes. He or she might feel awkward, jealous or angry seeing you with someone new. Don't rub it in, simply say a quick hello and move on with your day.

My Ex Catches Me When I'm a Mess
Remember, you two broke up for a reason. Even if it was his doing, things wouldn't change now. He'll remember what you looked like when he fell for you, not the sweaty gym clothes or sexy dress you're wearing after the relationship is over. If it makes you feel better, let him or her know that your clothes are at the laundry or that you just ran 10 miles; even if it's a lie-and he knows it-you can shrug it off.

My Ex Pretends Not to See Me
Let it go. Be the bigger person in this situation. Sure, you could go run after him or her and demand a conversation, but what's the point? You can bet it won't go as you want it to and it'll only leave you reeling.

My Ex Dives Right Into Relationship Talk
If you run into your ex and your ex can't stop running his mouth about why things went downhill and whether or not you're seeing someone new, put a stop to it as soon as you can. Going down memory lane and rehashing all the bad stuff that happened isn't healthy for either of you.

My Ex and I Get Along Just Like Old Times
Even if everything seems perfect and your chance meeting turns into a conversation that starts just where you left off, it doesn't mean you're meant to be together. Chalk it up to being away from each other for a bit and remind yourself why you broke up before you try to reconnect. Don't start going into how much you missed him or her or how you think everything was a mistake. If you go home and still feel the same way in a week, consider making a call. 

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