A Woman's Cheat Sheet: His Signs of Cheating

A nagging feeling that your partner is cheating can devastate even the happiest of relationships. Sometimes this suspicion is completely unfounded, but other times it serves as a warning to pay attention to the small details. While no single red flag will tell you with 100 percent certainty that he is cheating, some clues could indicate an affair.

Changes in behavior

One of the most obvious signs of an affair can be a change in behavior. The better you know your guy's daily routine, the more blatantly this will stand out.

Has he gone from being a homebody to spending nearly every night out with the guys?

Is he putting more effort into his hygiene and appearance?

Does he suddenly want sex more often, or less often, than he used to?

Other explanations for these changes could be as simple as extra stress at work or problems with family. But if you suspect he is cheating, they are certainly signs to pay attention to.

Keeping secrets

Everyone expects a certain amount of privacy, even in a relationship. If he seems especially secretive, however, it could mean he has something to hide.

Does he refuse to let you use his phone or computer?

When he gets a call, does he go outside or in the other room to answer it, maybe even breaking a sweat?

Is he hesitant to introduce you to friends or family, even after you've gotten serious?

There is no need to be a completely open book with your significant other. But when a guy is having trouble letting you into his life even after you have let him into yours, it might be a sign of something going on behind the scenes.

Money matters

If you have been with your partner or spouse a long time, it is likely you either live together, have a joint checking account or are otherwise involved in a financial sense. Checking the bank account statements or just paying attention to his habits with money can give you important clues to an affair.

Is he suddenly withdrawing large sums of cash with no explanation of where it's going?

Does he seem to be coming home with less money than usual, despite staying late at work?

Did he change the online banking password or open up accounts or credit cards and try to hide them from you?

If any of these signs sound familiar, and you have a gut feeling he is cheating, it is probably time to have a heart-to-heart talk with your significant other. Healthy relationships require trust, and when a partner's behavior is making it hard to trust him, life at home will be difficult if the problem is not addressed.

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