How Tell If Someone Is Lying to You

To learn how to tell if someone is lying, there are simple observations you can use that help you know how to tell if someone is lying. Techniques for lie detection are used in law enforcement situations every day. If you are listening to someone and are asking yourself, "Is he lying?" chances are he may be.

Before you decide to make accusations, look at a couple of factors: why would he want to lie to you, and how do you feel about the subject being discussed? If he has motivation to lie in order to avoid consequences, that may make lying more likely. If you are very set on a certain outcome of the situation being discussed, you may suspect a lie where there is none, because you are emotionally tied to the situation. Following are some signs of lying, although none is a fail-safe. If you see several of the signs in the same conversation, it may be cause for suspicion.

Patterns of Speech
If you are aware of the way he speaks normally, you can notice a change in the way he is speaking, if it occurs. Changes in speech patterns can involve hesitation, pauses, stuttering, a higher vocal pitch than usual or a sudden increase or decrease in volume without a known reason. All can be signs of lying, as they are signs of anxiety.

Body Language
If he freezes his body, or gestures in an exaggerated way, these can be signs of compensating for stress caused by lying. He may also cover his mouth or nose, fidget with his clothes or an object or scratch in a nervous sort of way. The body reacts to stress in these ways, and lying causes stress.

Facial Expressions
If he is blinking rapidly, looking up and to the right (associated with creativity and brain function), avoiding eye contact or widening his eyes, he may be lying. Facial expressions such as these are associated with stress, and again, lying is stressful. Look for multiple signs for a more clear indication of lying.

Use Your Gut
Your intuition may give you the feeling you are being lied to. Remember that intuition is not often enough to form an accusation; weigh your instincts against other signs before confronting someone about lying.

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