Dealing With a Cheating Boyfriend

Do you have a cheating boyfriend? If you want to catch him and teach him a lesson, try the following ideas for satisfying cheating revenge.

Beat Him at His Own Game
So you've just found out your man is running around with another woman. One of the best ways to get revenge on the cheater is to go find yourself a stunningly gorgeous man and show up at his work or an event with your new man on your arm. Dump the cheater in front of his coworkers, with you new man-even if it is your gay cousin posing to be your new hot boyfriend-and let the world know you got the last laugh.

Shout It From the Rooftops
Remember that e-mail joke he blasted out to you and all his friends and family? Maybe it's time to let mom, dad, cousins and friends know that you are dumping this cheater because he has no moral fiber. A well-timed e-mail announcing the reason for your break up that-oops-you accidentally sent to everyone on his e-mail list-may give you the satisfaction you desire.

Scare the New Girl Away
If you've just found out your boyfriend is cheating on you and you happen to have the girl's e-mail address or phone number, send her a text or e-mail telling her you are an old girlfriend and you wanted to let her know what a skunk the guy is. How far you want to take this is up to you, but the options are plentiful. You can tell her anything-from true faults to exaggerated faults. Even just telling her he's a cheating liar may be enough to cause her to dump him, but you may want to go further and let her know exactly what dirty deed he performed with you-perhaps on the same day he spent time with her. Exposing him and scaring the new girl off may be the best revenge of all.

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