How to Know When a Girl is Cheating

Wondering how to know when a girl is cheating? Here is a no-nonsense guide to some of the more subtle signs you can look for. If you do find out that your girlfriend is cheating, breakup advice could help you deal with the possibility of splitting up. But know that it's not a foregone conclusion that her cheating means you need to break it off. If you are serious about your relationship, you may be able to mend it if the reasons for her infidelity are about your relationship.

Know that seeing these signs isn't a guarantee that she is cheating on you. It does mean that you are due for a good, honest discussion.

Signs that She's Cheating

  • New independence: If she used to need you to be with her everywhere she goes, or seemed needy at a certain level and now has made a sudden change, there may be someone else filling that need for her. Sudden changes in behavior can mean something is different.  
  • Mellow emotions: If she used to be upset that you couldn't meet her or go out with her, and now she doesn't seem to care as much, there could be a reason she's less concerned. If she used to be annoyed at little things with you, and now doesn't get flustered, her attention could be elsewhere.    
  • Keeping to herself: If she has become quieter and secretive, there may be reason to question what she's keeping from you. If you can't get her to talk about her day and before she used to volunteer every detail, she may be keeping secrets. The secret could be another guy.
  • It's all about you: If she asks you all about your day instead of volunteering all about hers, and if each time you ask her a question she turns the conversation around to you, she may be hiding something.
  • Extra sweetness: If she starts showering you with attention, praise and love, when before she was not as demonstrative, she could be compensating for guilt. Remember that it's the change in behavior that sends up the red flags, more than if she was already doing this before.
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While without concrete proof or an admission of guilt, it is impossible to know for sure if you are being cheated on, but here are some of the biggest warning signs of infidelity.

Everything is going along just fine until one day, when something just doesn't seem right. There is a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that he's just not acting the same. Is he cheating or is it your own overactive imagination getting the best of you?
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Most people who cheat do not wake up one morning and decide to deceive their loves ones. There are numerous causes of infidelity; in many cases, the root of the problem exists in the original partnership.

Why do men lie about cheating, especially once they are either deep into the cheating or have been caught? If you take a step back, you can learn to at least understand why they lie when they do.

The signs of cheating women aren't always clear. Watch for several different signals, including sudden, unexplained changes in behavior and appearance.
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