How to know when you are being cheated on, and catching him

Cheating, cheating, cheating. Why do so many people cheat.? Did you know that the number one reason marriages fail today is because someone in the relationship cheats, and once that happens the trust is gone. Cheating hurts so many people especially if their are kids involved. Here are some major signs to look for in your spouse:

signs of a cheating spouse

For starters, their seems to always be a reason to stay late at work. Now this isn't always the reason someone stays late at work, because there are times when they are actually working late. Unexplained amounts being charges to the credit card. This is a major give away, especially when they have no clue how it got their or why its there. Second tons of text messages or unexplained hang ups when you answer his phone. Now don't worry about it if its happened only once. The worrying needs to start after repeated hangups and only when you answer. If your man start wanting to go out with he boys all the time, and this is something new to his routine. There may be something to it. This is when its time for undercover wifely.

Now to catch him in the act

OK so all the signs are there right. What to do next? Wait till he goes out with his buddies again. Put on some incognito clothing. Something he would never recognize as your normal clothing. Then sneak into where ever they went and try and catch him in the act. Now this doesn't always work, and there are some alternatives if your not exactly the brave type. There are always p.i. that can be hired to track and take pictures of his every move, but be prepared to not like what they find.

Being cheated on is one of the most humiliating things that can happen to a person. There are almost always signs, so be on the lookout for them. Then if it comes down to it, do the investigating needed to. Because in the end the person with the most info always wins.

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