How to Tell If Your Husband Is Cheating

Wondering how to tell if your husband is cheating? It's impossible to know for sure without a confession, incriminating e-mail or actually catching your husband in the act, but there are signs that may tip you off to an illicit relationship. 

Unexplained Absences
If your husband is suddenly working late, going on more business trips than usual or makes a sudden change in his schedule, requiring him to be unavailable more, you may want to look into the reasons for these changes. Affairs take time, so he'll have to carve out time to talk to, entertain and be intimate with his lover.

Excessive Privacy
Has your husband always been loosey goosey with his e-mail account, but now he suddenly wants a private account? Is he protective of his cell phone? Is he holding conversations out of earshot or erasing phone numbers off the caller ID?

Change in Expectations
Cheating can affect your spouse in many different ways. Has your spouse become more critical of you about things that never seemed to bother him before? Or perhaps has he suddenly stopped requesting you change something that was important to him in the past? Sometimes the lover meets a need such that the husband no longer feels the need to ask you for the things he used to, such as sex or attention; the affair may make him feel like his life is now complete. Sometimes a relationship with a lover exacerbates issues, making your husband increasingly critical. In any case, changes in expectation may indicate the influence of a lover.

While some men can keep secrets really well, most men will want to talk about the new woman. Watch for names that repeatedly come up, especially if your husband seems to know personal information about a particular woman.

Change in Libido
Is your husband still up for making love after an absence from you, or is he complaining that he's ready for bed or too tired. Watch for a change in sexual appetite as one of your clues that he's straying.

Signs of Guilt
Most cheating spouses wrestle with guilt as they try to rationalize their choices to go outside the marriage. If your spouse is uncharacteristically over-accommodating or seems to be trying to make something up to you, he could be silently admitting his guilt and trying to return to you.

Only you know if the relationship is worth saving or not. If you suspect your husband is cheating on you, you'll need to address your suspicions at one point or another. It may be helpful to decide if the relationship is worth saving before you confront your spouse about his suspected infidelity. Have a plan in place before you bring up the topic.

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