Is He Cheating

No one wants to believe that their husband or boyfriend is cheating on them, and because of this, many people overlook clues and signs of this betrayal. To decode the signs of cheating men, a person must know the clues and be sensitive to them. There's only so much time that a person can lie and cheat before they are caught.

Look to Your Own Relationship

Men who cheat usually do so because they believe something is missing from their current relationship. If you and your man have had problems, it doesn't mean that they are looking outside the relationship, but it sets the stage for possible infidelity. To catch cheating men, start by taking a hard look at your relationship, and consider how it may have changed over time.

The state of your sex life may offer the biggest clues. If you and your man have not been physical in a while, including with everyday kisses and hugs, you may wonder if his physical needs are being filled by someone outside of the relationship. In some cases, you and your partner might have a good reason for not being sexually active, such as work projects or travel, but, if you can't think of a reason for the change, then you may have cause for concern.

His Appearance

People change their looks all the time, and you may have encouraged your partner to try out new clothes. But if your loved one makes a drastic, unexpected change, such as tanning, whitening his teeth and working out more than usual, then he may be trying to please a new admirer.

Additionally, be on the lookout for strange smells: Perfume, colognes, smoke or alcohol. If your loved one says he spent the evening at the office, but he smells like perfume and alcohol, this could be a major sign that they have not only lied to you, but also that they may be cheating on you.

Changes in Work Schedule

Many men who cheat use work as a cover for their cheating ways. If he is spending less and less time with you, your man might be cheating. Be aware of the time he spends with colleagues and friends. This doesn't mean you have to monopolize your man's time, but see how he reacts if you ask him to spend more time with you. If he doesn't seem interested in spending time with you or makes outlandish excuses to get out of it, something is wrong in your relationship.

Also, is your man traveling more than in the past? Some men will schedule trips away so that it is less likely they'll be caught. At the same time, business trips are a normal part of work life. If your loved one seems to be going on more business trips than usual and is vague about the location, this should be a red flag. Remember that having an affair takes time, and, if you are aware of the signs, you are bound to pick up on it.

Attitude and Communication

A major sign that a man is cheating is if he acts overly defensive when you ask about his plans or recent activities. Also, if your man is short-tempered over little things, this is a sign that something is wrong. Check your loved one's personality. If he is suddenly changing from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde and back again, there's something wrong.

Is he suddenly secretive about his cell phone calls and e-mail? When your man starts leaving the room when they receive phone calls, and it's clearly not because he's trying to be polite, this is a sign that he either does not trust you or that he is hiding something from you. Also, if your loved one won't tell you who was on the phone and you don't think a surprise birthday party is coming up, this could also be a red flag.

Think about how your man responds when you ask him about his day. Does he talk to you about what happened, or is he vague? Not being able to share what his day was like suggests your loved one has something to hide.

After considering how your man acts around you, consider he acts around other people. Does he flirt with wait staff at restaurants? Does he react strongly when he watches a show about infidelity or when talking about relationships with other people?


If you suspect your man is cheating, observe his spending habits. Is he broke all of the time? Do you know how he's spending his money? If your joint bank account is low, and you don't know where the money is going, this is a sign that he's involved in something and is not telling you. It's normal that, if a person is cheating, he will want to impress their new love, or he will need to spend money to cover up the affair.

Have Evidence

Before you confront a man for cheating on you, make sure you can discuss what you've seen in detail. Coming home late once after a night out with the boys or collaborating with another person on an intense work project for a week are not signs of cheating. If he's truly cheating, you will notice more than one sign.

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