Is She Cheating How to Find Out

Is she cheating? Unfortunately, there are no rules about the types of women who cheat. However, if she is showing signs of cheating, you may have some difficult problems to face in your relationship.

Most women want to look their best. That she joined a gym and is starting to work out regularly isn't necessarily a sign that she is cheating. However, if she joins a gym, buys all new makeup, upgrades her wardrobe and spends more time getting manicures and pedicures, she might be trying to please someone other than you.

If she gets a new e-mail address or a new cell phone without letting you know, she may be cheating. In addition, if you get a lot of hang ups when you answer the phone, if she is deleting her e-mails or erasing records of incoming calls and text messages, you may be losing your partner.

She may be cheating if friends and coworkers start to act strangely or uncomfortably when you are all together. They may know something that you don't.

If she has a sudden interest in the computer and starts to spend more and more time online, particularly when you are asleep or not at home, she may have a cyberspace lover. Just because a relationship hasn't been consummated at this point in time doesn't mean the intent to cheat is not there.

Sometimes businesses require more than the regular 40 to 50 hours per week commitment. However, if she is gone a lot more than usual without sound reasons or is difficult to reach when she is away, she may not be staying true to you.

You have noticed that all of the sudden, she is less affectionate than usual, both physically and verbally. In addition, she seems to be going out of her way to pick a fight. She is also unwilling to communicate what is bothering her. She may be cheating.

Know that even if she is showing some signs of cheating, she may actually be totally innocent of any wrongdoing and quite shocked that you would suspect something along these lines. There may be perfectly reasonable reasons for her actions. You will have to make the choice to try to find out or let your relationship take its course as is.

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