Signs a Partner Is Cheating

Want to identify signs a partner is cheating? Have you suspected your partner has been unfaithful, but you're not sure what cheating spouse signs really are? It can be difficult to determine if your partner is faithful or not without a confession or actually catching your spouse in the act. However, these signs often indicate infidelity:

Too Much Comfort
Is your partner googly-eyed when she talks about a specific coworker of hers? Is she overly affectionate with your brother or cousin at family get-togethers? Does she lean into that guy from the PTA when she tells him something? When a person enters into an affair with someone, that personal space we usually keep between us and a stranger is no longer honored. We become accustomed to letting that person touch us and be close to us. Watch your spouse around the suspected person and look for signs that your partner is too comfortable with physical affection from this person.

Too Much Computer Time
With Internet cheating on the rise, you may want to keep a close eye on your partner's computer use. Is your partner spending a lot of time on the computer after you've gone to bed? When you walk into your partner's office, does he close down windows quickly and appear unnerved? This subject can be a bit dicey; what one person considers cheating may not be what another person considers cheating. You may want to have a frank talk with your partner about your boundaries, letting him know exactly what you find acceptable and unacceptable.

Too Much Privacy
While we're all entitled to some privacy, a cheating spouse will insist on privacy in situations where her infidelity might get detected. Does your wife have a private email account? Is she uber-protective of her cell phone? Does she refuse to tell you where she's been or who she's been out with? While you don't have the right to read her e-mails or screen her calls, there should be a level of trust where she doesn't close down everything she's reading every time you come in the room or never allows you to use her phone. Watch for excessive protectiveness of her privacy. If you sense she has something to hide, she very well might.

Too Much Time Away
Affairs require time. If your husband is working late excessively or going away on business trips more than normal, you may want to do a little checking up on him to see if business is all that's on his mind and agenda. Most mistresses demand time to talk, laugh and play-time that's separate from the time devoted to sexual intimacy. If your man is cheating, he's probably spending a lot of time with this woman. You can casually ask friends and coworkers who he's spending time with and check up to see if his coworkers are also putting in extra hours. Is work really that demanding, or is the other woman the one who is taking up his time?

While you'll never really know if your partner is cheating until you get a confession or catch your spouse in the act, you may decide the suspicion is too much to handle. Consider initiating a serious discussion about your relationship if you think one or both of you are ready to part ways.

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