Signs of a Cheating Girlfriend

No man wants to consider the signs of a cheating girlfriend because suspicion often indicates that something is amiss. You know your girlfriend well, and something about her behavior has suddenly changed, something you cannot pinpoint. Women who cheat often leave tell-tale clues that can be followed like breadcrumbs, so consider these signs of a cheating girlfriend.

Daily distraction
Women who cheat are frequently haunted by their infidelity and are consequently distracted most of the time, particularly when they are in your company. One of the major signs of a cheating girlfriend is constant distraction, regardless of the activity. She might not pay attention to a TV show you love to watch together, or might have to ask you to repeat questions she missed during dinner.

Of course she might have something else on her mind entirely. The problem with the signs of a cheating girlfriend is that they can apply to numerous scenarios. Your best bet in this situation is to ask probing questions about your girlfriend's sudden flakiness. Women who cheat will sometimes cave under pressure, especially when they are already feeling guilty.

Itinerary inflexibility
Another one of the big signs of a cheating girlfriend is the inability to break a rigid schedule. Women who cheat are trying to juggle two men at once, a feat that requires strict commitment to a carefully planned timetable. She doesn't want your path to cross with her other boyfriend's, so she plans her days in advance and refuses to spontaneously skip a planned event.

Finding friends
Is your girlfriend suddenly going out with a slew of new friends you've never met before? A sudden influx of friends is one of the top signs your girlfriend is cheating on you, especially if she wasn't previously a social butterfly.

Women who cheat often suddenly find friends even though they haven't changed their habits. She might not be able to tell you where she met her friends or even what they are like, but she'll want to spend lots of time with them - alone. If you think these are signs your girlfriend is cheating on you, insist on asking further questions. This will increase stress and might cause a confession.

Extravagant expenses
One of the most telling signs your girlfriend is cheating on you is a sudden need to spend money. Every time she leaves the house, she's swiping that debit card for something, yet you never see the fruits of her shopping binges. Women who cheat often assuage their guilt by paying for everything in an affair, from motel rooms to dinner on the town.

She might also start purchasing gifts for you, such as a new flashy tie or even a plasma television. Women who cheat think they are covering their tracks when they are actually just producing more signs of cheating. In this case, you need to sit down and have a long chat with her about expenses and what she might be buying.

Intimacy issues
As mentioned above, women who cheat often create strong emotional bonds to "the other man." If she suddenly has trouble being intimate with you, this might be one of the signs your girlfriend is cheating. She rolls over in bed at night without so much as a kiss goodnight and doesn't have time for those mid-afternoon quickies you used to enjoy every Saturday.

A sudden loss of intimacy is common with many women who cheat, but this could have other motivations. Maybe your girlfriend isn't cheating on you but is dealing with a health problem, or has a lot on her mind from work. Whatever the case, communication is essential to learning her reasons behind the sudden lack of intimacy.

Cell concealment
Many women who cheat will give away their cell phone number to the other man, but not the home phone or email. Another one of the major signs your girlfriend is cheating on you is her sudden desire to keep her cell phone out of your reach. She keeps it in her purse on silent mode, carries it on her belt, or claims she "left it at the office."

Women who cheat might also answer all phones quickly so you don't have a chance to, or set up new e-mail accounts to which you do not have the password. All of these are signs your girlfriend is cheating on you, and your best bet is to confront her with your suspicions.

Sometimes it is easy to catch women who cheat, and sometimes men will go months without suspecting a thing. If you think you've identified one of the signs your girlfriend is cheating on you, it is important to nip those suspicions in the bud - either by conformation or "ification.

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