Signs of Cheating in a Relationship

The signs of cheating in a relationship are never something people want to look for - no one wants to wake up each morning worried that her spouse is unfaithful. However, you also don't want to blind to the problem. The power of denial is unbelievably strong, and you don't want to be sucked into darkness because you're too scared to see the truth. The signs of cheating in a marriage are generally pretty easy to see if you're paying attention to your partner. If you notice them early on, you can save yourself a lot of time and grief and can decide what to do next.

Money Matters
You don't need to snoop to notice signs of cheating in a relationship in how your spouse spends money. If your wife is having an affair, this will take extra money. Thus, pay attention not only to your bank accounts and credit card statements but also to major purchases he might be making. A cheating spouse will want to impress his mistress. Thus, he may start buying expensive clothing, jewelry or even a large purchase like a car.

Missing Ring
Other major signs of a cheating in a relationship are men who don't wear a wedding ring. This band symbolizes your union. If he's going out with the friends without it, it symbolizes to other people that he is single. Additionally, think about how he introduces you to other people. If he forgets to mention you're married or that you are his spouse, then this could mean he's trying to hide or ignore this.

Missing Spouse
If there's something wonky with the time your wife spends at work or if it starts to seem as if she is too busy spending time with friends to have a date night with you every once in a while, you have a major problem. It's normal to spend time apart, especially if you've been married a long time, but you should not feel as if your partner is spending more and more time outside of the marriage. Any major shift in how your partner spends her time is cause for concern.

Trouble in Paradise
If you and your loved one are having marriage problems, the chances of cheating are even higher. If the two of you haven't been intimate in over a year, fight a lot and have stopped spending quality time together, then cheating may be happening or may even be on the horizon. If you couple marriage problems with any of the above signs, you have a recipe for disaster.  Be conscious of the signs of cheating in a relationship. 

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