Signs of Cheating Women Revealed

Signs of cheating women are often considered more subtle than the signs of cheating men. Cheating man are easy to spot if you believe the movies. He might have lipstick on his collar, or he'll smell of a new perfume. But, if the woman you love is cheating, there will be signs: Affairs take time, money and effort. 

You may recognize one or more of these signs of cheating, but use caution before you confront her. Any sign of cheating should be put into context with her recent behavior and the state of the relationship between the two of you.

Changes in Affection

If a woman is cheating, she may alter her physical affection towards her loved one. Can you remember the last time the two of you were physically intimate? Or has she changed from hot to cold without any warning? Extremes can be a powerful warning sign. Even if a woman remains affectionate, she may still be having an affair and may overcompensate with physical attention.

Or, does your partner show more emotion toward another person? Is she more excited about spending time with another person she knows at work or through another extracurricular activity than she is about spending time with you? Comparing you unfavorably to other people in her life or holding you to a standard you don't understand is a sign of a problem. If she often tells you that you should be more like so-and-so, she may not be having an affair, but you need to talk to each other about your relationship expectations.

Personality Shifts in Cheating Women

Guilt has a way of making people change the way they interact with their partners. If a woman is cheating, she may be more irritable or more aggressive in her relationships. Does the woman in your life seem distant, as if she isn't telling you something? Also, how does she deal with conflict? Is she calm, or does she grow angry quickly? How does she react when you ask her about her day?

If she seems less interested in telling you about work, friends and family, she may be keeping something from you. Think about when you started to notice her adjustments in behavior, and look to see how other facets of your lives have changed and if you've discussed them. The problem in your relationship might not be an affair, and you may be able to resolve it by talking about it. No matter what, open communication is the foundation for a successful relationship.

Changes in Appearance in Cheating Women

Is your girlfriend or wife taking more time than usual to get ready for work, and you can't figure out a reason why? Is she suddenly working out more and dressing up without mentioning it to you? Think about a woman's line of work: Is she wearing low-cut dresses and heels for routine office trips? If someone is having an affair, she may take more care in her appearance.

Also, sniff out any strange smells. If your wife or girlfriend says that she has been at the office, but she reeks of smoke or alcohol, you may have reason to be suspicious. You don't have immediate grounds for a confrontation, but you might want to ask if she's working with a smoker or going on happy hours with coworkers.

More Time Elsewhere

Cheating women often use work as an excuse or as a cover. Be on the lookout for the woman in your life taking more business trips or putting in more hours at the office. If your wife or girlfriend is taking an unusual number of business trips, ask why she is going, what she is doing there and why this particular location. If the woman in your life is a secretary, it doesn't make sense for her to take a business trip to the Bahamas.

Even if she isn't using work as a cover, watch out if she is spending a surprising amount of time with another person alone. Your partner should have a life outside the relationship, and perhaps the woman in your life has a friend who is going through a personal crisis. But, if her excuses for not spending time with you seem stale or far-fetched, you might want to start asking questions.

Strange Calls and E-Mails

A cheater will need to stay in touch with the other person. Therefore, pay attention if the woman in your life is receiving more phone calls than usual or checks her e-mail at strange times. Also consider how she acts when she is on the phone or checking her e-mail. Is she overly cautious or defensive when you come in the room? A relationship is based in trust, and, if your partner starts acting super-secretive, chances are she is hiding something from you.

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