Why Do Men Lie About Cheating

Many women wonder, why do men lie about cheating? Especially once they are already caught or deep into the cheating. However, just like every action, there are reasons for why men do what they do, even if the reasons aren't pleasant to hear. If you take a step back and look at the situation head-on, you can learn to understand the reasons men cheat and lie about this cheating. Though it won't save a relationship, it may give you more understanding and could help you spot cheating early on and can help you learn to forgive an ex and learn to be friends with them (or at the very least, keep you from throwing darts at his picture).

One of the first reasons to answe the question, "who do men lie about cheating?" is that they want the best of both worlds. They want the loving partner at home, and they want to live out their fantasies on the side. This way, they can enjoy the comfort of a stable relationship while engaging with what they think is a more thrilling or exciting experience with another woman. Many men aren't willing to quit one world over the other, so they try to have their cake and eat it too.

The next reason men lie about their infidelities is that they don't want to hurt their partners. Additionally, if a man has a child with this person or a family, they won't want to rip the family apart or scar the kids. Thus, they often lie as a means of protecting their loved ones.

Additionally, though a man may be cheating, he may not want his stable relationship to end. Thus, he will lie so that he can keep a person in their life, even while they seek sex or attention outside of the marriage or relationship.

Men lie about cheating because they often think it was a mistake and that they'll stop "soon." Men keep telling themselves that this is a short-lived thing, and this keeps them from telling their significant others because they believe it doesn't matter in the long-run.

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