Why Do Men Lie to Their Wives

Why do men lie to their wives? First, not all men lie to their wives, and not all men tell lies with malicious intent. But marriage is supposed to be an open and honest relationship where couples shouldn't feel like they have anything to hide, right? So, why do some men still feel compelled to lie?

Some men lie to make their wives feel better.
Not all lies point to cheating spouses. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship probably has been asked the age-old "does this (insert arbitrary clothing here) make me look fat?" Whether or not it actually does won't matter because men have been conditioned to answer "No." Men will sometimes lie about their wives' appearance so they won't feel bad about themselves. For example, if a wife asks her husband if she's gained weight since the wedding, he might answer "No," even though she has. The husband is technically lying, but with good intentions at heart. He probably has noticed her weight gain, but ultimately it doesn't matter to him so he doesn't want her to feel upset about something that's not affecting their relationship. If these are the only lies he's telling, chances are the marriage is in good shape.

Some men lie to avoid nagging.
Of course, there are worse lies. Some men will lie to get out of doing jobs around the house or tasks they don't want to do. If men feel like they are being nagged too much, they will just shut down and refuse to do the task completely or make up an excuse of why they can't do it. Some men will lie so that they can do things that they know their wives' will object to, like sneaking off to play a round at the golf course. Lies like these point to more serious problems in a relationship. Clearly, both the husband and the wife aren't getting what they need from one another. The solution is to sit down and talk openly about your needs. Being honest is the only way that both parties can be happy.

Some men lie to hide cheating.
Then there's the worst kind of lies, the ones that cover an affair. Cheating husbands will lie about an affair because they know that revealing it will disrupt their home life completely. So they lie and say they're staying late at work or have a business meeting out of town when they are really meeting with an extramarital lover. Of course, eventually the affair will come out into the open, and things will collapse at home. The best way to stop a potential affair from happening is to try to solve your marital problems with open dialogue. If you can't do it on your own, seek help from a marriage counselor.

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