Why Married Women Cheat

If you ask why married women cheat, you are likely to receive just as many responses as there are people in the room. The reason is that every relationship is different, and there is no single answer as to what drives a woman to another man. Cheating spouses, by nature, often do not possess the ultimate devotion necessary for a marriage to work, but there are many circumstances that can cause adultery.

Innocent Flirtation That Turns Into More
While some cheating spouses purposely look for another partner to spend time with, there are times when cheating happens by accident. Perhaps a married woman is not getting the attention she feels she deserves at home, and she begins to seek it at inappropriate times and places. This could include the workplace, out on a date with girlfriends or just by herself while walking in public. The uninvited attraction a woman may gain this way can lead to flirting and increased self-esteem, which also can lead to a not-so-innocent encounter.

Getting Marriage Advice From The Wrong People
Unfortunately, most marriages have their share of troubles. Even more troubling is that married men and women who are having these problems are taking them to people who have no business dealing with a married couple's issues. For instance, a married woman may seek a single friend's advice. She may also seek comfort from an online friend whom she chats with quite regularly. While this may seem like a comforting friendship at first, it can quickly turn into much more, specifically an affair that may cause irreparable damage to a marriage.

Adultery As A Long-Standing Desire
Some people will become cheating spouses, despite the environment in which they grew up and the morals of those to whom they are close. There is no one reason why some women choose to stray more than others, though many think it has to do with the desire to fulfill some long-standing fantasy or role play. It may be impossible to predict this type of behavior, though trouble in the married woman's relationship is certainly going to be a key factor. However, even in a perfect marriage, it's possible for one or the other involved to stray, no matter how well things are going.

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