Are You in a Common Law Marriage

What is a common law marriage? You may be in one without even knowing it. A common law marriage is a marriage that occurs because of the actions of a couple despite there being no marriage or marriage license. However, it is important to note that a common law marriage is more than living together for a year or two. In fact, this kind of marriage is much more complex than most people know.

Not every state in the United States recognizes common law marriages. Thus, even if you and your loved one have lived together for decades, co-own property and consider yourselves to be partners, a state still may not recognize your union as a marriage. Given this, the first step to seeing if you are in a common law marriage is to research your state's laws to see if such a thing is allowed in your state.

If you do live in a state that recognizes common law marriages, then it is time to take a strong look at your relationship to see if you are in such a marriage. The specific requirements vary according to state, but in general, if you and your loved one consider yourselves married, you are in a common law marriage. Basically, to consider yourselves married, you would need to do the following: live together, own property together, use the same last name and tell the community you live in that you are married.

If you wanted to prove that you and your loved one had a common law marriage, you would need to be sure that you were of the legal age to marry, have lived together a certain amount of time and show an intention to be married.

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