Your First Trip Together

A first trip with a loved one is a big step for a relationship. If you and your loved one handle this trip well, it can mean good things for the future. Make sure to plan wisely to avoid snafus and arguments.

Choose the location of your first trip wisely. Don't go on a trip if you have no interest in a place or activity. Instead, choose a place that each of you has interest in experiencing. If you hate skiing but love small towns, look for a place that has what you both want.

Do not settle when it comes to the hotel or means of travel. If flying leaves you white-knuckled and sobbing, explain this and talk about driving or taking a train. Be sure to choose a place that has no memories of a prior relationship: This goes for each of you. This first trip is a chance to bond and create new memories with one another.

Make sure to discuss financial business before you go on the trip. What will each of you pay for? If you earn about the same amount of money, it makes sense to split the bill. However, if the trip is a gift from one of you to the other, be aware of how this affects things. You can still offer to pay for gifts, food or extras. No one should feel as if they "owe" the other person, and, if you settle financial business before you leave, you protect against a future argument.

When going on a first trip with your loved one, be careful about the length of the trip. Short and sweet is generally better than months spent backpacking around Europe. You want to test the waters so that you each know how the other reacts to travel and vacation.

Everyone deals with travel differently. Some people like to leave super early without stopping anywhere, and others like to take their time. Be sure to explain what stresses you out when traveling, and try to coordinate so that you don't end up pushing any buttons.

It's okay to schedule events while away on a trip, but be sure to leave some downtime. This should be a chance to relax with one another, and, if you're constantly running to the next plan, you may miss some wonderful quiet or spontaneous moments.

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