Commitment is a decision!

When one makes a decision to commit that is the beginning. When one commits to finding fault with things they can find all the faults that are available. Also if one commits to finding goodness with things well it's just the same they will find all the goodness that is available. Reality is that commitment makes things happen. How many times have you seen it happen, just as I said in the first two statements?

Commitment is so important if one wants to succeed in anything. How many times have you seen a marriage that made it through thick and thin, more problems than most, only because the couple committed to it? It's not problems that breakup a couple it's lack of commitment to beating the challenges. Some people let the problems be bigger than the commitment.

There is no time frame to commitment, once one decides they will make it, they take a lifetime sometimes, that is what commitment is. Learning and sharing as two different types of people grow together in life is definitely one of the toughest of commitments. It's not easy to go through challenges and struggles that sometimes tear uncommitted people apart. But if a person commits to making it go, it can happen, just because of their level of commitment.

Whether it be a business, a marriage, a project, self improvement, it's all the same! Make the commitment and stick to it! That's true commitment. Not "I just can't handle this." Not "I need a new start." Not "if only," remember the center of the word life is if. Don't let anyone or anything steal the commitment you make.

Commit to your commitment. Make it happen. Do it when everyone else is thinking your a nut case! No one said commitment is easy. Especially when it appears time to give up. That is when true commitment is tested the most. Stay the course. Finish it. If you said for life, make it for life!

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