How to Handle Commitment Phobic Men

Can you recognize the signs of commitment phobic men? You've found yourself what you consider to be a great guy, at least in the beginning of the relationship. But after months of dating, he begins to pull away from you. Before you beat yourself up over this guy and think you're the reason to blame for his reluctance to be in a committed relationship, stop and think about it. The odds are high that he has a fear of commitment and trail of past relationships, each of which ended with a great girl left behind. His commitment phobia isn't anything new; he was looking for a way out a week or two into your relationship.

Being in a committed relationship can mean a loss of many things for him and it's his fear of losing those things that drives him right back out into bachelorhood. Of course you can't force him to realize he's not losing out, doing so will only solidify that you're forcing him to commit and cause him to run faster.

Dependently independent
Your man is likely an independent guy. He comes and goes as he pleases and likes it that way. You may not know this, given that the two of you have been spending lots of time together. Rest assured that when you're apart, he enjoys that freedom of being alone. Whether he's with his guys or chilling at his place, he enjoys his time away. The fear of committing makes him believe that he will never get time apart from you and that there will be no place for him to run.

One sex partner for life
He's a great guy and likely will never go astray but even the most monogamous of men have a fear of having one sex partner for the rest of his life. Men crave sexual variety and spontaneity and yes, he's got that now with you, but his fear of things getting stale and losing interest may override what a great sexual partner he has found.

His space is gone
Just like a man likes his freedom, he also likes his own space. He craves having somewhere to call his own where he can retreat to. Long term relationships often involve moving in together, if not marriage, and some men simply can't face that their space is now shared space and vice versa. He misses his stuff, his privacy and, most of all, the free time that came with his space.

Of course, these aren't all the reasons why he has a fear of commitment. If you'd like to see him overcome get past his commitment phobia, take a step back and reassure him that there's no pressure and the ball is in his court. Not only will it make him feel in charge, he will also start to feel as if you really care about what he wants.

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