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After dating for a long period of time, the two of you should sit down and talk about your commitment expectations for the relationship.
By Lisa Bower
Every relationship has its ups and downs without the added pressure of being miles away from each other. Read our guide on long distance relationship help to discover if a long distance relationship will work out for you.
By Nichole Smith
Getting over a break up isn't easy, but it's easier if you know how to go about recovering.
By Lisa Bower
Knowing how to make a guy jealous could help finally show him the light.A little case of the green eyed monster can sometimes help a crush realize that you are the right person for him.
By Lisa Bower
Getting out of an obsessive relationship tends to be much more difficult than getting into one. Learn about the steps that you need to take to extricate yourself from this emotionally charged and potentially frightening situation. 
By Rachel Mork
Signs of cheating in a relationship aren't something that you necessarily want to look for, but sometimes you must not turn a blind eye to potential trouble.
By Lisa Bower
Using your boyfriend's toothbrush and shave gel is romantic for awhile, but if your legs are dry and your teeth are crying for home, it's time to set up shop. So when do you start making his place your home away from home?
By Lindsay Goldenberg
Honesty is a virtue, but why? Only honesty will ensure that others know they can trust you.
By Rebecca Mikulin
The early stages of breaking up aren't as obvious asyou thought. They aren't elaborate signs, just everyday thoughts and occurrences that may be a clue that your relationship needs a little help.
By Christina Mascaro
Counselors and psychologists talk about the work that's involved in a successful relationship, but what few mention is that ending a relationship can take a similar level of determination. While working to strengthen relationships is laudable, learning to know when these relationships are not responding to your work is an important part of the equation.
By Susan Quilty
Could your sweetie have a problem with alcohol? Learn how to tell, and what to do if your suspicions are correct.
By Margot Carmichael Lester
Emotional infidelity might seem less severe than the physical act of cheating, but it is just as devastating to your relationship.
By Laura Evans
With online dating, jobs-on-the-move, and far-flung second homes, it's easy to find the person of your dreams, and then find out they live somewhere else. Being geographically challenged doesn't mean you're unlucky in love. Here, six ways to nurture the relationship across the miles.
By Lauren Harris
When couples split up, it can bring out behavior to admire - and avoid. We can all learn a thing or two from these ten torn-apart twosomes.
By Tracie Potochnik
Your ex's friend is cute, sweet and thoughtful. Now that you and your ex are free to see other people, does this mean you can hook up with his buddy?
By Lydia Nicoll
The number one reason couples fight? Money, of course. How to keep money from ruining your relationship
By Martina Billings
Cheating is the No. 1 reason marriages fail today
By J. Rutherford
What if I see my ex? Whether the breakup was amicable or messy, handling that first ex encounter can be tricky.
By Julie Knapp
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