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The good news is that your partner is successful. The bad is that you are coping with the jealousy that comes when you don't feel you are experiencing success of your own.
By Nichole Smith
How should you react when someone you've just met really needs someone to lean on? Get close? Or back off?
By Stephanie Davis
Learn some of the popular reasons behind nasty, snarky and mean behavior.
By Marie Lorraine
Are men afraid of commitment? Many women believe it is true. Some men would even agree. It is true many men do avoid marriage these days. Why are men avoiding a long commitment?
By Steven Wayne Ansell
So you've just met an incredible person who shares your fondness for Indian food, 80s action flicks, and (best of all) seems to really dig you. Only one little problem: You live light years from each other. Is this relationship doomed?
By Laura Schaefer
When the green-eyed monster comes to play, it can make things tough for a relationship.
By Lisa Bower
A rebound relationship is one a person enters into to feel wanted again. In short, this new relationship is a replacement, one meant to fix how a person feels. You want to avoid a rebound relationship because it can stall or inhibit you.
By Lisa Bower
Are you worried that your spouse is cheating? There are 10 signs of cheating spouses that often serve as red flags to big problems.
By Lisa Bower
If you're interested in resolving relationship trust issues, you may find these suggestions helpful.
By Rachel Mork
Wondering how to tell if someone is lying? Learn the verbal and physical cues that could indicate the increased stress caused by lying.
By Alice Langholt
Is she cheating? Learn how to spot potential red flags in your relationship.
By Laura Evans
Everyone needs their space once in a while, but men seem to need it more.
By Crystal Eynon
Most people have heard about addictions to things like alcohol and drugs, but not many people know that love addiction is just as real and just as destructive as other addictions.
By Lisa Bower
When a controlling wife completely takes over a relationship, it can cause frustration, pain and even lasting damage to your marriage.
By Nichole Smith
With online dating, jobs-on-the-move, and far-flung second homes, it's easy to find the person of your dreams, and then find out they live somewhere else. Being geographically challenged doesn't mean you're unlucky in love. Here, six ways to nurture the relationship across the miles.
By Lauren Harris
The decision to move on after heartbreak can be difficult, and knowing when to date again is just as hard. If you are honest with yourself about how you feel regarding your ex, you will know when the time is right to start looking for love again.
By Lisa Bower
Do you need help recognizing a controlling personality?
By Rachel Mork
Love and money sometimes results in money problems in a marriage. As a team, work together to lower your bills and balance your household budget.
By Kim Griffiths
Getting out of an obsessive relationship tends to be much more difficult than getting into one. Learn about the steps that you need to take to extricate yourself from this emotionally charged and potentially frightening situation. 
By Rachel Mork
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