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Dealing with jealousy in a relationship isn't easy, especially if one of you feels insecure. We'll help you deal with the green-eyed monster.
By Rebecca White-Glanders
"How can I find out if someone is legally married?" If you're asking this question, odds are good that your significant other is starting to raise some serious relationship red flags. Learn how to get the bottom of the issue without actually asking your partner.
By Teresa Hall
A relationship is made here by humans. We give various names to each type of relationship. But behind every relationship there is a reason. There is a special bond and feeling attached with each one. Merely having a relation is not enough.
By Alexandra Heep
A rebound relationship is one a person enters into to feel wanted again. In short, this new relationship is a replacement, one meant to fix how a person feels. You want to avoid a rebound relationship because it can stall or inhibit you.
By Lisa Bower
If a man cheats it can be the end of a relationship. There are ways to move past infidelity. With a few tips and hard work you can move on after he cheats!
By Steven Wayne Ansell
Many people are divided about whether or not cohabitation before marriage is a good idea. Thus, it is important to consider the pros and cons before you decide to dive into this endeavor.
By Lisa Bower
Wondering how to identify signs a partner is cheating? Have you suspected your partner has been unfaithful, but you're not sure what cheating spouse signs really are? 
By Rachel Mork
Signs of cheating in a relationship aren't something that you necessarily want to look for, but sometimes you must not turn a blind eye to potential trouble.
By Lisa Bower
It's okay to be tentative at the start of a relationship or with dating in general. A major fear of commitment, however, could stop you from forming some important, lifelong relationships and friendships. If you take time to analyze your past, your feelings, and your approach, you might be able to get over your fear and have a healthy relationship.
By Lisa Bower
Recently dumped and in a slump? Now there's a way to get fit--and over it--in a mere 21 days.
By Michele Bender
A marriage without intimacy isn't much of a marriage at all. Marital intimacy is critical to happiness in a marriage, but many couples struggle with intimacy problems and are unsure what to do about it.
By Teresa Hall
Stop and think before renewing a relationship with your old flame. Getting back together could be worth a try, but only if both of you have matured and if both of you are single.
By Alice Langholt
Going on a trip with a loved one is a big step for a relationship. If you and your loved one handle this first trip well, it can mean good things for the future. Make sure to plan wisely to avoid snafus and arguments.
By Lisa Bower
If you are in a relationship with a cheater, you may feel that both of you can overcome the situation and start fresh. However, in some cases, it might be better to leave. You need to think about why the cheating happened, and you may want to try couples counseling to see if you can rescue the relationship.
By Rebecca White-Glanders
The reasons why women cheat offer insight into the workings of the female mind.
By Laura Evans
Learning how to move on after a breakup requires acknowledging that the times are difficult, but better times are on the way.
By Lisa Bower
Revealing the number of people with whom you've fooled around is a lot like calling your grandmother. It's one of those things you feel like you should do, but you really don't want to. Why? Because you know you're going to have a long, drawn out conversation that essentially makes you feel uncomfortable. Sorry, Grams, but it's true.
By Lindsay Goldenberg
One of the milestones in every relationship is when someone says "I Love You." But if he or she doesn't choose the moment wisely, the big moment can quickly become an awkward one. Here are some tips on avoiding that embarrassment.
By Mairin MacDonald
The ladies themselves (and some experts) reveal the truth about how guys should sever ties - the right way.
By Kimberly Dawn Neumann
There are many ways to tell if your in a bad relationship and if you are do not put off what you know isn't going to last.
By Joshua Harris
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