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If a man cheats it can be the end of a relationship. There are ways to move past infidelity. With a few tips and hard work you can move on after he cheats!
By Steven Wayne Ansell
To enable a person to reflect on whether a bad relationship borders on or is an abusive one.
By Sheryl L. Barnett
Interracial relationships are no longer the major social taboo they once were, but they can present couples with some challenges. If you and your loved one keep a level head, communicate and make a conscious effort to learn, accept, and participate in one another's lives, you can leap over the hurdles of interracial dating.
By Lisa Bower
Here are five shrewd tips that could help you get your girlfriend back.
By Philip Lop
Keep your relationship safe by learning the five reasons people have affairs.
By Philip Lop
Everything is going along just fine until one day, when something just doesn't seem right. There is a nagging feeling in the back of your mind that he's just not acting the same. Is he cheating or is it your own overactive imagination getting the best of you?
By Nichole Smith
You're there for your friends through thick and thin, but when you are dealing with a jealous friendship, even the strongest bonds can be tested.
By Nichole Smith
When figuring out why married women cheat, you'll be surprised to learn that there isn't an easy answer. However, a few basic marriage problems might result in adultery.
By Courtney Ramirez
Wondering how to get revenge on a cheating boyfriend? If you want to catch a cheating boyfriend and teach him a lesson, try the following ideas for satisfying cheating revenge.
By Rachel Mork
If you and your partner have different ideas about what it means to be out, here's how to cope.
By Brian Underwood
The number one reason couples fight? Money, of course. How to keep money from ruining your relationship
By Martina Billings
Read the horror stories, and learn from them.
By Amelia Stone
When the green-eyed monster comes to play, it can make things tough for a relationship.
By Lisa Bower
"How can I find out if someone is legally married?" If you're asking this question, odds are good that your significant other is starting to raise some serious relationship red flags. Learn how to get the bottom of the issue without actually asking your partner.
By Teresa Hall
Wondering how to tell if someone is lying? Learn the verbal and physical cues that could indicate the increased stress caused by lying.
By Alice Langholt
Don’t suffer more than necessary. Break up and keep your sanity at the same time with these tips.
By Lauren Bove
Is something suddenly just not right in your relationship? Does something seem off? These are the top ten red flags that he may be unfaithful.
By Martina Billings
People cohabitate for many reasons.
By Sarah Parrish
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