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Anyone that assumes total compatibility in his or her relationship based on simply dating a person is building a marriage that's doomed to fail. It doesn't matter how many nights you sleep over, or how many weekend trips you make together, until two people are stuck in each other's face on daily basis all the cards are not on the table.
By Conny Manero
Moving in together means you will share your life with another person. To succeed in your new home, think not only of romance and companionship, but also of finances, furnishings and chores.
By Lisa Bower
While without concrete proof or an admission of guilt, it is impossible to know for sure if you are being cheated on, but here are some of the biggest warning signs of infidelity.
By Nichole Smith
It is important to note that a common law marriage is more than living together for a year or two. In fact, this kind of marriage is much more complex than most people know.
By Lisa Bower
Every state has a different way of looking at common law marriage. People who learn their status may avoid an unpleasant surprise.
By Janet Grischy
In this day and age it's become relatively difficult to date someone who's got the qualities you're looking for and has himself together, yet the one lingering problem stands in the way of that and that is dealing with a man's mother.
By Alexandra Heep
Read quotes about life without love, regrets, the fragility of love and remembering the good times to help you get past the pain of a broken heart.
By Gail Seymour
Every relationship has its ups and downs without the added pressure of being miles away from each other. Read our guide on long distance relationship help to discover if a long distance relationship will work out for you.
By Nichole Smith
Do you want to know if your husband is cheating? While it can be difficult to get an easy confirmation, there are signs to look for that can offer clues into what he's up to.
By Rachel Mork
"How can I find out if someone is legally married?" If you're asking this question, odds are good that your significant other is starting to raise some serious relationship red flags. Learn how to get the bottom of the issue without actually asking your partner.
By Teresa Hall
Every relationship needs true intimacy to thrive. What causes problems with true intimacy and closeness in a relationship?
By Teresa Hall
The signs a relationship has gone bad typically appear long before the relationship has technically ended. If you know what to look for, you might be able to save the relationship, rather than say goodbye.
By Dr. Jamie Y. Marable
Emotional infidelity might seem less severe than the physical act of cheating, but it is just as devastating to your relationship.
By Laura Evans
The repercussions of lying can destroy a relationship, since trust is even more important than love.
By Alice Langholt
Not sure if your relationship with your partner is worth saving? The decision to stay or leave after a betrayal or major challenge in a relationship is difficult, and you'll need to evaluate your relationship from start to finish before making a choice.
By Rachel Mork
Signs of cheating in a relationship aren't something that you necessarily want to look for, but sometimes you must not turn a blind eye to potential trouble.
By Lisa Bower
Learn the simple secret that can help you enjoy your dating days more - and boost your romantic success, too.
By Margot Carmichael Lester
So you think your man or husband may be cheating. Why would a man be stupid enough to show cheating signs? Well, he is human after all and sooner or later men slip up with serious red flag warnings. Here are 6 tip-offs of cheating signs that your man, boyfriend, or husband may exhibit or even a combination of some.
By Marie Lorraine
Is something suddenly just not right in your relationship? Does something seem off? These are the top ten red flags that he may be unfaithful.
By Martina Billings
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