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People cohabitate for many reasons.
By Sarah Parrish
So you've just met an incredible person who shares your fondness for Indian food, 80s action flicks, and (best of all) seems to really dig you. Only one little problem: You live light years from each other. Is this relationship doomed?
By Laura Schaefer
Commitment issues needn't be a dealbreaker. Learn how to help your man overcome that fear and commit himself to you.
By Lisa Bower
The signs of a rebound relationship are glaringly obvious, whether you're the one in the relationship or you are looking in from the outside.
By Lisa Bower
Is the woman you're seeing going through a really rough patch? Here's how to help her through it.
By Julie Taylor
Discover how to handle jealous people at work, and you will be able to rise above office backbiting. The boss will definitely notice your ability to put your job before personal matters.
By Jacqueline Thomas
To tell or not to tell a friend that you know their partner is cheating on them is a difficult decision: no matter what you do, your friend will most likely be upset. However, if you are honest with yourself, take the time to make a plan, and are logical about the possible outcomes, you can make the decision that much easier.
By Lisa Bower
The early stages of breaking up aren't as obvious asyou thought. They aren't elaborate signs, just everyday thoughts and occurrences that may be a clue that your relationship needs a little help.
By Christina Mascaro
Getting out of an obsessive relationship tends to be much more difficult than getting into one. Learn about the steps that you need to take to extricate yourself from this emotionally charged and potentially frightening situation. 
By Rachel Mork
Much as it seems like available ways to get over a hard breakup are few and far between, it's possible to make it through this difficult time. Learn how to get through and, eventually, move on.
By Aysha Schurman
Trust is a major component to any relationship. Thus, it is important to know whether or not you can trust your boyfriend. If you know the signs to look for and are honest with yourself, you can figure out whether or not you can trust the man in your life.
By Lisa Bower
Are men afraid of commitment? Many women believe it is true. Some men would even agree. It is true many men do avoid marriage these days. Why are men avoiding a long commitment?
By Steven Wayne Ansell
You can spot the signs of a cheating man if you know what to watch for, especially unexpected changes in attitude or appearance. A cheating man will often leave several clues, which you should recognize before you make any accusations.
By Lisa Bower
At the root of all trust issues is a past betrayal. No matter how long ago that betrayal occurred, a person will not learn to let others in until she has begun working through trust issues.
By L. Lee Scott
Read the horror stories, and learn from them.
By Amelia Stone
Sure it feels bad right now, but follow these steps and some good can come from your heartache - honestly!
By Elsa K. Simcik
Signs of an abusive relationshipare often overlooked in the beginning. Falling in love feels so overwhelmingly good that women dismiss potential problems. You have a tendency to give yourself completely to another person in order to make sure that your partner is happy and committed to you as much as you are to him.
By Donna Devane
I'm an observer. I love to think about the world around me and learn. What I often observe is that many relationships suffer when it comes to finances. There is a simple solution, involve an objective third party to the relationship - the budget.
By Alexandra Heep
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