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Get all of the facts about how to build trust in a relationship successfully through a number of popular techniques.
By Rose Clearfield
Everyone has been treated unfairly at times and it can be extremely hard to get over the anger and pain that you feel when someone betrays you or treats you badly. The hurt that you feel can grow inside you and even disrupt your relationships.
By Jeanine
Letting go of a bad relationship is an emotional process full of self-doubt. It is, however, possible to let that negative relationship become part of the past.
By Victoria Welch
Jealousy is a natural, though often dangerous, emotion.
By Shelly Barclay
Knowing how to make a guy jealous could help finally show him the light.A little case of the green eyed monster can sometimes help a crush realize that you are the right person for him.
By Lisa Bower
If you have been cheating on your loved one, your worst nightmare might be getting caught. If you are caught cheating, you need to act quickly and accept the situation. You want to make sure that you decide what you want, talk to both parties and be as open as possible with everyone involved.
By Lisa Bower
Why do men lie about cheating, especially once they are either deep into the cheating or have been caught? If you take a step back, you can learn to at least understand why they lie when they do.
By Lisa Bower
Curious how to deal with jealous people who are your friends? If they're your real friends, you'll be able to work it out by tackling the problem before it grows.
By Shawn Donovan
Affairs in a relationship can be devastating. The feelings of all parties involved come to the fore and anger and resentment reside in the atmosphere. There are only two routes past infidelity. They are Moving Forward and Moving On.
By Susan Quilty
To enable a person to reflect on whether a bad relationship borders on or is an abusive one.
By Sheryl L. Barnett
The reasons why women cheat offer insight into the workings of the female mind.
By Laura Evans
Getting over a break up isn't easy, but it's easier if you know how to go about recovering.
By Lisa Bower
Dealing with passive aggressive behavior is not only frustrating, but it can result in long-simmering problems between two people. If your partner resorts to passive aggressive behavior, you need to address it as soon as possible. If you don't, you could begin a pattern where you and your partner avoid problems rather than deal with them.
By Lisa Bower
It is important to note that a common law marriage is more than living together for a year or two. In fact, this kind of marriage is much more complex than most people know.
By Lisa Bower
If there has been a betrayal in a relationship, trust is sure to be affected. Still, a mistake doesn't have to spell the end of a relationship. Building trust isn't always easy, but it is possible. Both parties have to be willing and able to take the time to be completely honest with one another about what happened and what they want out of the relationship.
By Lisa Bower
Most people who cheat do not wake up one morning and decide to deceive their loves ones. There are numerous causes of infidelity; in many cases, the root of the problem exists in the original partnership.
By Lisa Bower
If you're tired of heartbreak at the hands of unavailable men, you need this guide to their behavior. Read on for the inside story.
By Dalma Heyn
For a gay man dating someone who's not out yet, the question often is, Can this relationship be saved? Here's how to figure out the answer.
By Chris Barillas
Maybe he's acting strange. Or she's super secretive. Here, telltale signs your sweetie has a monkey on his back.
By Dave Singleton
It is important to figure out whether or not you are suffering from commitment phobia because it could be holding you back from making some long-lasting and important relationships. Commitment phobia could keep you from making connections not only in your romantic life but with family and friends. This can stifle a person's growth and can isolate a person.
By Lisa Bower
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