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Wouldn't it be nice if there were literally visible red flags in a relationship? If things weren't quite right, a red flag would pop out. It would be a dead give-away that there is an impending relationship problem. There would be no guessing or needless paranoia because it would all be there in black and white (or red).
By Laura Leigh Fields
A growing number of women over 50 claim they're happier staying single than getting hitched. Here's why - and the new way romance fits in their lives.
By Judsen Culbreth
When two people first start dating, they put on their best sides. They reveal only snippets of information to each other, leaving the full story for when the person really gets to know them. Basically, we wait until we have them tangled in our web of niceties to crush them with the sad truth that we are really an awful, despicable person.
By Lindsay Goldenberg
Is she cheating? Learn how to spot potential red flags in your relationship.
By Laura Evans
To enable a person to reflect on whether a bad relationship borders on or is an abusive one.
By Sheryl L. Barnett
People cohabitate for many reasons.
By Sarah Parrish
Emotional cheating is becoming more and more common not only because it's more subtle but because many people don't know about it or know the signs to look for. Emotional cheating is no worse than physical cheating, but it should be treated as a serious issue.
By Lisa Bower
Jealousy is a natural, though often dangerous, emotion.
By Shelly Barclay
If a man cheats it can be the end of a relationship. There are ways to move past infidelity. With a few tips and hard work you can move on after he cheats!
By Steven Wayne Ansell
Respect is important because lack of respect can have dreadful consequences.
By G. A. Sylverston
These long distance relationship tips won't make it feel like your sweetie's at your side, but they will at least make the distance feel kinder.
By Lydia Nicoll
It's true: Even guys have hormonal highs and lows. Here, how to work them to your advantage in the dating and relationship realm.
By Elise Nersesian
Are you worried that your spouse is cheating? There are 10 signs of cheating spouses that often serve as red flags to big problems.
By Lisa Bower
So you've just met an incredible person who shares your fondness for Indian food, 80s action flicks, and (best of all) seems to really dig you. Only one little problem: You live light years from each other. Is this relationship doomed?
By Laura Schaefer
If you suspect a friend or loved one is in an abusive relationship, your first impulse is to speak up. Is that the right approach?
By Victoria Welch
Attention, ladies: So the relationship isn't working for you? Men and experts sound off on how to dump a dude humanely.
By Dan Bova
If your partner has trust issues, you can help them get through this if you take a big breath, communicate as honestly as possible and think about your own actions.
By Lisa Bower
Learn the simple secret that can help you enjoy your dating days more - and boost your romantic success, too.
By Margot Carmichael Lester
Whatever one commits to it's a commitment to commitment
By J.C. Pantola
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