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Chances are, you never dreamed of a life as the other woman. However, this doesn't mean you are evil. Good people sometimes end up in this tricky position. If you're involved with someone who's married and cheating, you need to think about the goal of this relationship. After all, the fruits of this complicated situation had better outweigh the risks.
By Lisa Bower
Respect is important because lack of respect can have dreadful consequences.
By G. A. Sylverston
Every relationship needs true intimacy to thrive. What causes problems with true intimacy and closeness in a relationship?
By Teresa Hall
Mad money has meant different things over the years. Mad money used to refer to the money that girls would pin inside their clothing before going on a date, in case it went awry and they needed a way home.
By Janet Grischy
Dating several people at once gets tricky quickly, so use these helpful hints for juggling multiple relationships without breaking hearts.
By Chelsea Kaplan
Why do men lie about cheating, especially once they are either deep into the cheating or have been caught? If you take a step back, you can learn to at least understand why they lie when they do.
By Lisa Bower
So you've just met an incredible person who shares your fondness for Indian food, 80s action flicks, and (best of all) seems to really dig you. Only one little problem: You live light years from each other. Is this relationship doomed?
By Laura Schaefer
If you are trying to rebuild trust in marriage, learn how to get through or get over it.
By Rachel Mork
These long distance relationship tips won't make it feel like your sweetie's at your side, but they will at least make the distance feel kinder.
By Lydia Nicoll
Getting over a break up isn't easy, but it's easier if you know how to go about recovering.
By Lisa Bower
If your relationship is in flux and you think your partner is seeing greener grass on the other side, there are some sure-fire ways to find out if your suspicions are correct.
By Craig Sneider
Healing a broken heart is difficult because you don't want to do anything you'll regret, such as jumping into a new relationship too quickly.
By Shawn Donovan
Everyone would like to know they are in a secure relationhship. It really should be easy to to tell if your relationship is safe and committed. Here is a little advice that should help soothe any insecurities.
By Steven Wayne Ansell
Your parents, your friends and even the clerk at the whole foods store has probably warned you against pursuing a long distance relationship. Sadly, most of them don't work out, and they can cause more heartache than they're worth.
By Philip Lop
Is something suddenly just not right in your relationship? Does something seem off? These are the top ten red flags that he may be unfaithful.
By Martina Billings
Anyone who has had a boyfriend has also had a fair share of boyfriend problems. There are tricks to overcoming them and getting back to enjoying the perks of having a favorite fellow.
By Lisa Bower
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