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Popular Articles
Commitment issues needn't be a dealbreaker. Learn how to help your man overcome that fear and commit himself to you.
By Lisa Bower
People love to talk about love. Some actually show it.
By Todd Pheifer
When people break up, many feel like it's the end of everything. But no matter how bad the breakup is, everyone has the ability to move on. Here are five steps to make it easier.
By Mairin MacDonald
When someone has broken your heart, you might find yourself with two new buddies: Ben and Jerry. But it doesn't have to be that way.
By Courtney Ramirez
Wouldn't it be nice if there were literally visible red flags in a relationship? If things weren't quite right, a red flag would pop out. It would be a dead give-away that there is an impending relationship problem. There would be no guessing or needless paranoia because it would all be there in black and white (or red).
By Laura Leigh Fields
No matter who you are, you could become the next domestic violence statistic, especially if you happen to be female.
By Linda Cann Pearson
Why do men lie about cheating, especially once they are either deep into the cheating or have been caught? If you take a step back, you can learn to at least understand why they lie when they do.
By Lisa Bower
Everyone needs their space once in a while, but men seem to need it more.
By Crystal Eynon
Miles apart? Here's how to keep your connection as strong as if you were living in the same space.
By Chelsea Kaplan
Every state has a different way of looking at common law marriage. People who learn their status may avoid an unpleasant surprise.
By Janet Grischy
Learn the steps of the grieving process and how to let go when you do not want to.
By Gail Seymour
Most people have heard about addictions to things like alcohol and drugs, but not many people know that love addiction is just as real and just as destructive as other addictions.
By Lisa Bower
When ending a long-term relationship, keep in mind that you've been with this person for a while, so there will probably be more to it than cutting the emotional ties.
By Caroline Roberts
If you're gay and dating someone with a mood disorder, don't give up. Read this instead.
By Lisa Cericola
Moving out is never fun when you're breaking up with someone. 
By Nichole Smith
So you've just met an incredible person who shares your fondness for Indian food, 80s action flicks, and (best of all) seems to really dig you. Only one little problem: You live light years from each other. Is this relationship doomed?
By Laura Schaefer
While there are causes, there is no justification.
By Conny Manero
Get all of the facts about how to build trust in a relationship successfully through a number of popular techniques.
By Rose Clearfield
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