Are You in a Marriage Without Intimacy

A marriage without intimacy isn't much of a marriage at all. The lack of closeness, bonding and true connection can lead to such estrangement that the marriage itself will have a difficult time surviving. Marital intimacy is critical to happiness in a marriage, but many couples struggle with intimacy problems and are unsure what to do about it.

Intimacy in a marriage includes, but is not limited to, a close physical relationship and satisfying sex life. Marital intimacy includes the emotional and spiritual connection between a husband and wife the leads to them "becoming one" as many wedding ceremonies state marriage should be. Are you in a marriage without intimacy? Do you or your spouse have trouble communicating your deepest needs and desires? Your spouse should be your closest confidante, your partner and your lover. He or she is intended to be the first place you turn for the joys and the trials of life.

Intimacy begins with communication. Both partners need to feel safe and worthy of sharing their own thoughts and feelings and listening to the other's thoughts and feelings. Providing a safe place for your partner to communicate means you don't judge or criticize when your partner shares his thoughts or feelings with you. You can-and will-disagree with each other, but agree to disagree without passing judgment of placing blame in order to retain intimacy.

Intimacy problems can also be overcome through mutual respect and caring. Taking time to show your spouse just how much she matters to you is vital. Respect includes listening, acknowledging your partner's successes, comforting her through disappointments and failures and standing by her side through the mundane and ordinary.

A marriage without intimacy is lacking the primary element that differentiates marriage from a casual relationship. Intimacy problems happen to many couples. If you and your spouse are experiencing marital intimacy problems, take steps today to begin to resolve the problem before it leads to deeper pain and perhaps the loss of your marriage.

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