What Causes Fear of Intimacy

What causes a fear of intimacy? When a person has a difficult time opening up and connecting with another, it causes a lack of intimacy, but where does the fear come from? Why is it so difficult for some people to truly share themselves with someone else in a deeply personal way? There can be several reasons for intimacy problems between two people. Many couples' intimacy problems stem from childhood injuries or losses that were never resolved in an appropriate manner.

Intimacy is much more than the physical acts described as "being intimate." Intimacy is a true sharing of personal thoughts, feelings dreams and fears with another human being. It is the basis of any committed relationship we want to last. Without intimacy, there can be no true security or bonding between two people. Unfortunately, some people carry so much pain and baggage from childhood they have intimacy problems.

Often intimacy problems stem from a fear of rejection or a fear of abandonment. Intimacy requires trust and if a person has experienced deep rejection or abandonment in their childhood, they may have difficulty trusting the same thing won't happen in adulthood. It isn't the fear of sharing themselves with people; it's a fear that if they do, then will be rejected or left as a result of sharing. Fear of intimacy can also stem from being too dependent upon someone else's opinion of one's worth. If someone has poor self-esteem and depends on other's approval for their self worth, it can be extremely frightening to share his innermost thoughts or dreams. The thought of their loved one rejecting them or disapproving of them is too great to risk, so it becomes critical to avoid intimacy in order to avoid rejection.

Both men and women can experience intimacy problems. The good news is these problems can usually be overcome with time, encouragement and possibly therapy. Fear of intimacy doesn't need to be a lifelong problem for anyone.

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Fear of intimacy is an issue not only in marriages and romantic relationships, but also in terms of friendships. Odds are good that there are people who want to get close to you, but they have to know that you think it's OK for them to try.

If you are capable of understanding emotional intimacy as a concept, you'll be better equipped to display an ability to connect with your partner on a deep level.

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