Coping with Jealousy: When One Partner is More Successful

Coping with jealousy can be difficult when one person is more successful. The success of your marriage can often be contributed to the partnership between you and your spouse. At times though, one partner may be more successful in work; when that happens, jealousy issues can come between you and your spouse, potentially hindering the success of your relationship. You can, however, deal with the jealousy you feel toward a successful partner in a positive way that will lift and strengthen your relationship.

Guided jealousy
Is it possible for jealousy to be a guide? Absolutely, but before you can take the envy and jealousy that you feel towards your spouse and use it for good, you need to own the feelings and discuss them openly with your partner.

Express how you feel honestly but guard against diminishing his feeling of success and accomplishment. Explain that what might be perceived as irrational jealousy is actually serving as a spotlight onto what you feel are your own shortcomings.

Study what your partner has done to get the success that he has. Is there a way for you to mimic that success or create your own success from what she has done? Use your partner's success as a way to motivate and move you to improve your life.

Being the successful partner
As much as you want to celebrate and share your successes with your partner, it can be a strain on your relationship if he is dealing with jealousy and your success. The temptation to lessen the accomplishments you have made in your life or work when you are in your partner's company but there is no need to do this. Continue to celebrate how far you've come and what you are doing.

If you partner has been your cheering section and the driving force behind the road to your success, make sure she knows that. At times, we can become caught up in what we are doing without appreciating the people that helped get us there. You can begin by encouraging your partner and become his cheering section for the goals they set for themselves.

When you come home from work, bear in mind that you can go over your day and the good day you had but a constant reminder of that good day to your spouse can build a wall of communication if your ego begins to get in the way. Take some time to discuss work accomplishments, giving your partner the floor to talk about her own successes as well and then close the door on work for the evening.

Your relationship with your partner is an important one. You can deal with jealousy in a variety of ways but how you deal with your partner and work through the jealousy can help you decide what role you want in the relationship; you can both be a supporter and a success if you allow it.

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