How to Deal With Jealous People at Work

Knowing how to deal with jealous people at work is mandatory for nearly all employees, supervisors and professionals. Jealousy reigns as one of the ugliest emotions, wreaking havoc on far too many relationships. Although often irrational and unwarranted, jealousy has been seen in children, elders and even animals. This being so, it is important to learn how to exist peacefully with the jealous people you may encounter on the job.

Determining The Cause
Understanding is one of most effective tools used to defeat resentment. If a co-worker seems unrelentingly jealous of you and acts out, it's important to find out why. For example, consider whether or not you are caught in the middle of office romance drama. You may be dealing with a jealous ex-girlfriend who is deeply angry about your interactions with her former lover, who also works in the office. Or, perhaps the jealous individual appears angry right after you receive a promotion. While speculation can be dangerous, the advantage of understanding the cause of another's jealousy is that you may be able to find common ground, or you may realize that the problem will eventually pass.

Careful Confrontation
If done properly, discussing the issue with a jealous co-worker can ease awkwardness. Casually ask the co-worker if she's mad at you for some reason, and calmly state that you had no intention of upsetting her. Resist the urge to use expletives and point fingers. By remaining calm and non-judgmental, you will encourage a jealous person to open up.

The Right To Ignore
Should polite confrontation and discussion fail to ease a co-worker's jealousy, don't be afraid to exercise your right to ignore her. You can't control another person's feelings, but you can keep interaction with that person to a minimum. If your position demands you work closely with her at all times, keep conversation with her concrete and functional. If she attempts to drag you into her emotional storm, ignore it. Often when we encounter people who dislike us, we attempt to involve ourselves deeply with them in order to change their minds. This is futile and a waste of your time. Enjoy your own life! You have a right to, and you should never change your behavior to ease irrational jealousy.

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