How to Make Men Jealous

Want to learn how to make men jealous? While you sure don't want to be the jealous ex-girlfriend, you can have a little fun making that man want you back if you play your cards right. Jealousy is never a positive factor in relationships, but it can be a fun tool to use when dealing with a nasty break up or playing around. Try these suggestions for making that man drool over you and wish he had you back.

Refuse to Be a Beggar
The absolute worst thing you can do is to beg your man to take you back. Show him you are an independent woman who can handle a break up with class by graciously accepting his desire to be "just friends." Tell him you're fine with it and wish him the best, even if you feel like breaking down or throwing darts at him.

Strut Your Stuff
Let's assume you handled the actual break up with your chin up and a stiff upper lip. Now it's time to make your ex see what he's missing out on. Take a look at your personal care routine as of late: Have you been neglecting yourself? Do you need to head out for a new haircut, makeover, mani-pedi or trips to weight watchers? Instead of drowning your sorrows in ice cream and chick flicks, invest your energy in bettering yourself. Get yourself in tiptop shape, and make sure you take your time when preparing for any event where your paths might cross. This is especially important if you live near one another or work together. Make sure you show off your assets and are exceptionally well groomed whenever you see him.

Show Up With a New Man
You may not be ready for a new relationship yet, but a trip to the local bar-where your ex loves to hang out on Friday night-with a hot man on your arm won't hurt anyone. You may need to "rent a man"-a hot cousin or old friend will do if you don't have a hot friend you can borrow for the night. Make the rounds with your hot date and show your ex that you are desirable and taken. Your ex may begin to wonder if he was a bit foolish to break up with you in the first place.

Keep the Friendship Alive
If you want your ex to do more than just feel jealous, you may want to show him your friendly, mature, altruistic side and chat him up a bit. Make sure you don't come across as pathetic or desperate; instead just ask him how he's been, if things are going well for him. As soon as your ex acts disinterested or cold, end the conversation, returning to your rent-a-man or date. Your mature gesture of friendship may also make him realize he was a jerk to break up or cause him to miss you, especially as he watches you dance with that hot date of yours. Keep an eye on your ex just in case it's time to make a move to get him back. You just may have found a way to use jealousy to re-open the door to the relationship. That is, if you want the loser back.

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Knowing how to make a guy jealous could help finally show him the light.A little case of the green eyed monster can sometimes help a crush realize that you are the right person for him.
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