How to Make Your Ex Jealous

Break-ups are hard, especially if you and your ex were not on civil terms when the final goodbyes were said. If you're looking for the most basic form of revenge-and the sharpest knife in the toolbox-making him or her jealous is definitely the right route to take.

The most basic and effective way to make an ex jealous is to look happy. If you look and feel as though you no longer need this person in your life and have in fact forgotten him or her, then you are not only on the right track to personal happiness, but also to making the ex jealous.

When the two of you talk, don't be cold or abrasive. Give friendly answers, don't bring up the past relationship and slip in a name or two of the people you are seeing. This will show the ex that you no longer need him or her in your life, that you have moved on. If you have a new love interest, call him or her in front of your ex or use a friend as a decoy.

Take care of yourself.  If you look and feel good, you will look good to your ex. Be yourself, but do all of the things you don't always have time for-get massages, buy new clothes from time to time, and sleep more.

Be sure to keep your distance. Let him or her make contact with you. It is okay to accept plans with an ex, but you should keep a time limit on the get-together so that your ex sees that your life is a full one and realizes that he or she hasn't a place in it.

Ultimately, if you appear to have healed after your break-up and appear happy, your ex may start to feel jealous. He or she was once a major part of your life and to have you move on quickly will bother him or her more than anything else.

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