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Popular Articles
Want to learn how to make men jealous? While you sure don't want to be the jealous ex-girlfriend, you can have a little fun making that man want you back if you play your cards right. 
By Rachel Mork
Jealousy is a natural, though often dangerous, emotion.
By Shelly Barclay
Signs people are jealous can often be confused with anger, compliments or insecurity.
By Nichole Smith
If you avoid dealing with jealousy, you could cause some serious problems for you and your loved one, and it could even mean the end of your marriage if you aren't careful.
By Lisa Bower
He can look at the menu without ordering.
By Conny Manero
Is it possible to learn how to stop being jealous?Dealing with jealousy from time to time is normal. However, if you think your partner is cheating, be aware that this could be a case of the green-eyed monster.
By Lisa Bower
Knowing how to overcome jealousy will nip potential relationship strife in the bud.
By Nichole Smith
According to Joe Kennedy, more men die of jealousy than cancer.
By Minnie Chatterfield
It's normal at the end of a relationship or when dealing with oblivious or unresponsive crush to want to make them jealous. However, you need to consider your intentions when it comes to making someone jealous. Often, trying to make someone jealous will do little good and may take up your time and energy.
By Lisa Bower
Discover how to handle jealous people at work, and you will be able to rise above office backbiting. The boss will definitely notice your ability to put your job before personal matters.
By Jacqueline Thomas
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