Making Someone Jealous: Is It a Good Idea

It's normal at the end of a relationship or when dealing with oblivious or unresponsive crush to want to make them jealous. However, you need to consider your intentions when it comes to making someone jealous. Often, trying to make someone jealous will do little good and may take up your time and energy.

The best love and relationship advice a person can get when it comes to dealing with an ex or a crush is to live your life for you. If you try to make a person jealous, you will lose sight of what's important. Instead, focus your attentions on bettering yourself. Take up a hobby, join a book club, join a gym, and keep busy.

Also, if you try to make someone jealous, you could end up losing the person all together. There's a chance this person will see through your games and will either sever ties with you or lose respect for you. You shouldn't need to play these games to earn the object of your affections or to get back at someone. If you are found out, it could make you look immature and petty rather than mature and happy.

The age old saying is true: if it's meant to be, it will happen. If you have to play games to win someone over or to feel better about yourself, then there is a sign that something is wrong either with the person you like or with the entire situation. It's more than okay to want someone to be jealous of you or to want to be like or with you, but it's another thing entirely to focus time and energy on a game with no set rules. Instead, if you are honest with yourself, strive to live a happy life free from games, and learn to cultivate your own life, talents and happiness, you won't need to put effort into making people jealous.

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