Making Your Ex Jealous

You are a smart modern woman. Maybe your recent breakup was all your idea; perhaps you were blindsided by a fickle flame. Whatever the reason, making your ex jealous is now what you want to do. Here is some relationship advice that you probably won't find in the newspaper, but it may just help you accomplish your goal.

A positive experience
Make up your mind that you'll tackle this project with a positive attitude. Making your ex jealous needn't be a self-sabotaging affair. Think of it as therapy for your inner girl. An exercise in real, personal control. Be willing to make changes to accomplish this.

Be faithful to who you are. For instance, you've discovered he has a thing for blondes - resist the temptation to go Anna Nicole. Go blonde because you want to. Making your ex jealous shouldn't be the reason for any major life change.

Timing is everything
Don't be too hasty. Making your ex jealous does not come with an expiration date. You have a history and shared sexual past. Don't believe for a minute that he doesn't remember the steamy sheets you two shared. Take your time making your ex jealous; it will be a more rewarding experience.

The official campaign
Draw a circle on the calendar around a date two weeks to a month from today. Let the circled date be your official kick off for the making your ex jealous campaign. That's the day you attend a mutual event, or happen to see him. And when you do, you'll be ready. Making your ex jealous day will be a celebration worth waiting for.

Close encounters of the 'you want me' kind
There are accidental encounters and there are predictable encounters. Predictable encounters happen when you know he runs through the park on Thursday and you show up. When you show up at a mutual event like a birthday looking great, that's an "accidental" encounter. Really making your ex jealous means making your appearance seem spontaneous. Make the most of a mutual event that you both will be attending. Avoid those predictable encounters. It says volumes to him that you know he's there and you aren't coming around. Making your ex jealous is easier when you are not so available.

Playground versus playmate
Remember high school and the silly antics you performed: Sending yourself flowers, writing yourself notes, having your girlfriend call and pretend to be a new boyfriend? Well, leave those schoolgirl tactics behind. Use what you know works: lingerie!

Making your ex jealous won't be hard when he sees your new silky pink camisole strap "accidentally" slide down off your shoulder. He'll be wondering who it's for. Let the camisole top show slightly at the top or bottom of your blouse. Don't go over the top and show up looking tacky. You have a history. He'll spend the rest of the night thinking about what you are wearing under those clothes. If he asks, just smile and walk away.

Wearing a new perfume with some silk stockings will work wonders in making your ex jealous. Also a new outfit and heels will make you feel powerful and make him wonder who you are seeing. Spend some time with these purchases. Shop around for a good fit. It needs to be attractive yet trendy. Try on the outfit while wearing the lingerie you will wear. Making your ex jealous is just a few days away!

Grrr power
Do something that makes you feel stronger and more in control. Work out a few times. Walk on a treadmill. Get a tan. Anything that takes your girl power to grrr power! You want your best body ready for D-Day. Who knew making your ex jealous could be so good for you? The making your ex jealous exercise program could be the right one for you.

The inside man
You need an inside man. Decide which of his friends you can use to pass information to. Don't let the inside man know he's the inside man. Making your ex jealous will require inside information. You don't want to know if your ex is seeing someone, or dating someone. Who cares? The information you are looking for is what the next mutual event you will probably see him at will be. And pass along how great things are for you. The inside man can help you in your goal of making your ex jealous by sharing all the great things happening in your life.

Resist smooching the inside man. You don't need unwanted casualties in your plan. Making your ex jealous is the goal, not making him hate you.

Throw a party
If there is no mutual event that you can happen to show up at, all is not lost. Host your own soiree. Invite the inside man. Don't worry, word will get back. Don't be surprised if your ex shows up. Word of advice: Limit your alcohol intake.

Fantasizing is good
Keeping a journal on making your ex jealous is a fabulous idea. On days that you feel desperate and feel like you might blow your plan, write! Instead of picking up the phone to vent, write! Daydream about making your ex jealous by writing it all down. Making your ex jealous will make you feel like a million bucks!

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