How to Overcome Jealousy

Knowing how to overcome jealousy can save your relationship. Jealousy is a human emotion that has the ability to make people feel uneasy, insecure and even resentful, jealousy can happen to anyone at any time. More often than not, jealousy appears in relationships in which one person feels that either he is not worthy of his partner or believes that his partner does not return his affection. The difficult task comes not when you realize that you are jealous in your relationship but how to stop being jealous.

Threat to the relationship
Jealousy can often appear when there is a perceived threat to the relationship. This type of jealousy can cause someone to feel out of control. The source of their jealousy can come from something that is either real or imagined.

For example, if you feel that you are not attractive enough to warrant receiving your partner's affections, jealousy can appear. You worry that he will find someone else more physically appealing to them. Though he has never been unfaithful to you, there is still a sense of panic and fear that they will either leave you for another or that they will cheat with someone prettier or more handsome. The feelings can leave you feeling insecure, and in some cases, feeling irrational in your actions and reactions to situations.

Putting an end to jealousy
It's not an easy task to stop being jealous. You must first distinguish whether or not your feelings of jealousy are related to feelings you may not realize about the relationship. Likely jealousy stems from fears we have inside ourselves. Fear of abandonment, loss, or rejection can all trigger jealousy. In order to begin the process of ending jealousy, you have to discover your fear and face it. Once you have come to understand the causes for your fears, you can work to change the behavior. Changing your behavior may not be successful on the first try but by being able to recognize where your fears lie can help you to understand the emotions behind the jealousy and how to change the way you react.

How you treat situations and react to them will go a long way towards knowing how to stop being jealous. The romantic relationships you involve yourself in will be healthier if you can find the source of your jealousies and alter your responses to them. 

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