How to Make a Guy Jealous

Do you know how to make a guy jealous? The green-eyed monster really is a useful tool-if you use it sparingly. If your man has been neglecting you or taking you for granted, using a healthy dose of jealousy from time to time can get him back on track. Love and relationship advice does not recommend using this technique all that often, but if you slip it in now and again, it is sure to bring some zest and fire back into your relationship. The following are some simple ways to make someone jealous.

One of the best ways to make someone jealous is to talk about other love interests, past and present. This way, you show the person in question that you have other options and that she could lose you in a moment's notice. Even talking about celebrities you have or had crushes on can make a partner jealous.

A great way to make a man jealous is to go out and flirt with people in front of him. This doesn't have to be anything blatant. You don't have to give someone else a lap dance to make a man jealous. Instead, share a joke with the bartenders or with the people around you at a concert or show. This will show your man that other people find you desirable, and it will remind him of what he has or could have.

Another great way to make someone jealous is to be aloof when it comes to making plans too far in advance. Often, people want what they can not have. Thus, if you show someone that you have other social engagements and options, you will then make him want you even more than before. Similarly, when he asks you who you have been with or what you have been up to, it helps to be a bit vague. You never want to lie to a person. However, if you want to make a man jealous, you want to be careful about how much information you give him about your day and thoughts. 

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