Long Distance Relationship Tips

People start to offer long distance relationship tips the moment they hear that someone's loved one is miles away. But no one really knows what it's like except for you-every long distance relationship is unique and really should be treated as such. There are some go-to tips, however, for going the distance with your loved one while being at a distance.  

Keep the Love Alive
It is important to stay romantic and emotionally connected, especially when you cannot be together physically. Write love letters in addition to phone calls and e-mails to add a little old school romance. These letters will come as a surprise, and your loved one can carry them around with him or her or stash them away in a loving collection.

You can plan phone dates in which you watch a movie or television show on TV together while being on the phone. It's not quite the same as snuggling up close on the couch, but laughing at the same things, and experiencing something together even though you're apart can do wonders for your relationship.

Modern Technology
Video phones, Web cams, social media Web sites and cell phones make it easier than ever to stay in touch. Not only can you talk with one another, but you can share pictures or even chat with each other live. It will be important for your relationship to keep up with quality face time. This can be difficult if you are in very different time zones, but keeping the relationship strong may require you to make sacrifices that you didn't have to before. If you are seriously committed to your partner, making the time to use the technology to stay in contact will be a priority.

Surprise Them
Send your cross-country companion a gift every now and then. It's pretty likely that you will often see things that remind you of him while he is away, and he'll appreciate your thoughtfulness. This is a great way to show him that you are always thinking about him and want to do little things to keep the romance alive.

You can also plan a surprise visit. The trick with this is to make sure she is free on a particular weekend or day. If you are in pretty much constant contact this shouldn't be hard to do, as you can see if she has plans or is planning to take a trip herself.

Take Trips Together
A great solution to any feelings of loneliness or sadness is to meet your loved one somewhere remote where the two of you can spend some quality alone time together. Meeting halfway may be cheaper and more exciting for the two of you. Doing this will allow you to reconnect and rekindle your feelings for one another after a long physical absence.

It is important to stay positive but be realistic about your relationship once you start trying to make it work long distance. You have to be tuned into your partner's needs as well as your own, and still must make the same time commitments and have the same loyalties that you did when he was by your side. If you remember that it's the littlest gestures that make the biggest impact, you may be able to overcome the distance.

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Long distance love is not easy to do, but it is not impossible to do. If you and your loved one want to make it work, it will take some time, energy, and patience. Above all else, you and your loved one will need to talk about what you want from the future, how you can handle this long distance love, and what your expectations are from this relationship.
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