Top 10 Long Distance Relationship Mistakes

If you are in a long distance relationship, you'll need to make special efforts to overcome the pressure distance and time apart puts on a relationship. Make sure you follow this relationship advice to make your long distance dating relationship flourish.

Keep Yourself Too Busy to Answer Phone Calls
When miles separate you from your significant other, you'll need to make extra efforts to show you are prioritizing the relationship. This means picking up the phone whenever your honey calls, even if it's just to explain you can't talk but will call back later.

Decide You're Too Shy To Use the Web Cam
Men in particular are visual creatures, so you'll want to invest the money in a web cam and take the five minutes required to spiffy up before going online. Seeing one another can intensify the emotional connection, and using a Web cam will give you opportunity to remind your sweetie why she chose you in the first place. Use your web cam to flirt and keep the relationship fresh.

Keep Your E-mails Brief
E-mails can be sterile already, but brief emails can be easily misinterpreted. Use your emails as a way to invite your significant other into your inner thought life by using e-mail as an interactive journal, telling your partner about your thoughts, feelings and the details of your day. Invite your significant other to do the same.

Talk About a Colleague a Lot
If you want to scare off a long distance relationship, tell him all about this hot guy you worked late with last night. You need to work hard to fight insecurity and instill trust in your relationship when you are separated, so you may need to keep some of the details of your other relationships to yourself until the two of you are reunited again.

Save All Your Money For Later
Now is the time to splurge on weekend trips to see your sweetie, not the time to build up your savings account. Invest in your significant other because he is your future, right?

Assume Your Significant Other Knows How You Feel
While it may feel redundant, you can't say "I love you" or "I miss you" too much. Make sure you tell her often so she doesn't doubt your commitment or attachment.

Trust Distance Increases Fondness
While the poets wax on about how wonderful it is to be apart, you'll need to make seeing each other a priority if you want to keep the spark alive. Even savoring the anticipation of a visit can spice up the relationship, so make plans to see one another and talk about it, often.

Send Cryptic Messages Via Text
You may think that snarky text message is hilarious when you send it, but keep in mind you don't know how your dating partner may be feeling when he or she gets the text. Make sure you add a "J/K" or a wink to clarify any messages that might be misinterpreted.

Accuse Your Significant Other of Cheating
Even if you suspect it may be true, accusations won't help the situation. If you truly wonder if your significant other is committed to the relationship, address that issue directly, asking questions about how he feels about how the relationship is holding up despite the distance. Give him room to talk about feelings without judgment.

Be Closed-Minded
Don't assume things have to continue as is forever. Consider changing up the situation-like asking your boss if you can work remotely one week a month-and work from your partner's home that week each month. Think outside the box as you figure out ways to see one another or to connect. Don't let conventional ideas cloud your imagination and suffocate a beautiful relationship when you could find ways to make it work.

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