Finances Are as Important as Love Within a Marriage

Money may make the world go around, but love makes it worth the ride. Yet you can't live on love alone either. The more challenging financial times become, the harder it can be to maintain love in a marriage. If couples can manage to tackle financial issues and solve the problems instead of ignoring them, it is surprising how much of initial love can be rekindled.

Separate accounts equal separate lives. Many couples deal with financial conflicts by creating separate accounts to maintain the peace, thinking this equals love. Also, couples often divide finances because one partner makes significantly more while the other makes less, but spends more. Or, even worse, only one partner works and controls all the money.

Share earnings. Instead of creating separate accounts, everyone's earnings should go into a combined account. Both partners get an equal weekly allowance, regardless of their incomes. The rest should never be spent without discussing it with each other.

This may sound difficult, but love can have a hard time surviving control issues. Finances are one of the catalysts for power plays. Sure, you can keep a marriage together with separate finances, at least for a while, but love and trust problems can arise. However, a huge benefit of a joint financial arrangement is that it can conquer the toughest economical times.

Pay bills together. When both partners sit down together and pay the bills, each will have a full understanding of the financial situation and where the money goes. Also, it creates a respectful partnership that leads to spending more time together. It can make the unpleasant task of paying bills easier.

Reconcile the giving and taking roles. It takes a lot of communication to get back on track when one person feels left out. How to talk finances when you can't seem to communicate on even smaller issues? The person who seems to do all the taking may not be as selfish as you think. Often, he or she may not be aware of a problem in the first place, because he or she feels fine the way things are.

That is when you evaluate your expectations and start negotiating on small issues. Work your way up to the bigger ones, like finances. If there is love left, it can be done.

What if one partner is so irresponsible that you will ruin your credit score, lose the car, or even the house with combined finances? Then it may be time to call in a financial planner, a counselor, or both.

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Money and marriage go hand in hand, and financial woes can tear a marriage apart if you let them. However, careful advance planning on your part and communication with your spouse can prevent many of the marital problems that arise from money worries.
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Some people say money is the root of all evil; that may not be far from the truth when it comes to marriage problems. Money is a huge source of strain on many couples, from managing money to not making enough of it. If you and your spouse are dealing with a troubled marriage due to financial strain, don't be afraid to seek out marriage advice or professional marriage help.

Love and money sometimes results in money problems in a marriage. As a team, work together to lower your bills and balance your household budget.

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