Is this Relationship the Real Deal

Is it the real deal? With a lot of work, a rebound relationship can become the real deal. Though rebound relationships are not recommended because people who enter them have not dealt with the aftermath of their prior relationship, they can work if the two people involved are properly matched.

The first thing that needs to happen for this evolution to take place is that you have to deal with the aftermath of your previous relationship. If you can deal with the emotional baggage from the first breakup, then you can then move forward with your life. Thus, think about why the former relationship ended, what part you played in its finish and what you can learn from this experience. If you can deal with your emotions and put the past in the past, then you are then prepared to enter into a long-term relationship and move on with your life.

Next, you and your loved one need to communicate. Have a big discussion about your past relationships, and then move on. You want the relationship with your new love to focus on the future. Thus, take the time to make plans for the future, get to know one another and build a life together. If you and your partner love and cherish one another, intimacy, trust and a committed relationship will soon follow.

Make sure to spend quality time with one another and to not be codependent. A lot of rebound relationships are intense and move too fast because the people involved are looking for love and for a replacement of their former relationship. The key to making this rebound relationship something real is to put the brakes on and to slow the course. See one another once or twice a week and communicate only once a day, if that. Be cautious of moving in together too fast. This way, you can keep your relationship from self-destructing.

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