The Right Way to Rebound

Sure, we all know what people usually do after a breakup: Sit around, mope, and scarf down pints of Ben & Jerry's like nobody's business. But now, there is a better way: breakup workouts, classes that are designed to help the lovelorn feel and look their best so they can jump back into the dating scene with confidence (and perhaps even some six-pack abs). "The best revenge against an ex is being fit and in shape," points out certified personal trainer Elizabeth Trindade, who created the workout after enduring her share of heartbreaks. "I've been through divorce and breakups and know how hard it is," she says. "It's easy to think that you're not attractive or sexy. This class helps raise your self-esteem. Plus, exercise releases feel-good chemicals called endorphins in the body."

Held in Trindade's studio in New York, the class combines both physical and mental exercises to help you get through the split. You start with 20 minutes of boxing/martial arts-inspired movements that you do to your own empowering chant (like "I don't need you anymore!" or "I'm better off without you!") After that, the group sits down to talk about how each participant is doing emotionally. To finish off, the group does 20 minutes of stretches.

Meeting once a week for three weeks, Trindade's clients are expected to do these exercises on their own every day and are given a "breakup ledger" so they can track their progress and get their daily dose of Trindade's encouragement, like "Tonight, you should go out with your friends and have fun!" The program lasts 21 days-and for good reason. "They say it takes 21 days to break a bad habit or addiction," Trindade explains. "It also takes three weeks to start seeing your workouts pay off and drop weight. So if you stick with it, you'll be in great condition to jump back into the dating scene!"

Those who don't live near New York will soon be able to buy the program (it includes a video showing the exercise routines, a ledger with Trindade's advice, and even a pair of boxing gloves) for $79.95 at

Michele Bender has written for Cosmopolitan and other magazines. She lives (and trains) in New York City.

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