What Do You Want in a Relationship

People enter into relationships because they feel a strong connection with a certain person who is becoming important in their lives. Relationships add extra warmth and happiness to your everyday routine; typically success is all the sweeter when you have someone to share it with. It's one thing to want a relationship, but something else entirely to know what you want in a relationship - or if you're even ready for one?

Are You Ready for a Relationship?
If you are considering beginning a relationship with someone, there are several things you should consider first. Having strong feelings and caring for someone are not the only things you need to be ready for a relationship.

Your mental health and your individual happiness should be sound before you consider sharing your life with another person. It will be impossible for your significant other to make you happy if you don't know how to make yourself happy. Do real things for yourself. Have hobbies, interests and at least a few strong friendships. Feeling secure in life as an independent person before pursuing a relationship makes for a stronger union.

You are ready for a relationship if you can be completely selfless and thoughtful towards someone else. If you are still working on figuring out who you are and what you want in the grand scheme of things, entering into a partnership may be selfish. Your significant other may feel that you are not giving yourself wholly to the relationship and that you don't completely belong to him - and he's right.

If you are used to going out all the time, find a happy medium between hitting the town and sitting on the couch before you enter a relationship, so that a new boyfriend or girlfriend doesn't get tired of your hard partying ways.

You need to understand and accept the reasons past relationships or friendships didn't work out. If you can learn from past mistakes and not repeat those errors in judgment, you are paving the way to a more successful relationship. You must come to terms with old disappointments and heartbreaks before you are able to commit yourself completely to someone new.

What Do You Want from a Relationship?
Most people assume that everyone wants the same thing out of a relationship. In reality, there are a variety of things people wish to get out of being with someone else. You should probably have a basic idea of what you personally want out of a relationship before you enter into a union.

When you enter into a relationship, however, what you want may change. For instance you may end up wanting more than just a person there to have fun with. As you grow and learn more about each other, you may want that person for security, for strength or for personal guidance. The only way to figure out what you want is to evaluate the other aspects of your life and discover what is missing.

In order for your significant other to be those things for you, you must be what they want and need in return. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want from your partner, but don't ask for it all; this can cause strain in your relationship. You must to be able to get what you want on your own, with that other person there to give you just that little extra bit of support when you need it.

What If You Decide You Don't Want a Relationship?
If your significant other can't give you what you want, you may realize that the relationship isn't right for you. If you find yourself being harder to please or unhappy with personal things that don't necessarily pertain to your relationship, such as a career, you may want to take time apart to rediscover yourself and the things that are most important to you.

If this happens, explain this to your partner. Hopefully he can appreciate your honesty, and if he really cares about you, he will understand your need to achieve personal goals that may not include him.

Relationships are great and can make for some of the happiest moments in your life. Figuring out if you are ready for one and what you want out of one are important for your partnership. In doing so, you will create a foundation for a strong and lasting bond between you and someone special.

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