How to Have a Happy Relationship!

It is a difficult thing to maintain a healthy and happy relationship. More than half of all marriages end in divorce and dating is more difficult than ever. Today it seems almost impossible to stay in a committed relationship and remain happy. How can any relationship succeed? Their are solid ways that will help a relationship maintain happiness and love. Here are a few tips.

Commit. This is the biggest error people make in their doomed relationships. Commitment is often thrown out the window at the first sign of trouble. It seems no one is willing to put up with the downfalls in a relationship. To truly have happiness, one must commit fully to the relationship. Divorce and breaking up is to often the first thing that comes to mind when a relationship struggles. Society these days easily accepts a failed relationship. A pure commitment to a relationship is the best advice to making things work. No relationship is perfect. Aside from violence or infidelity, a relationship should be worked on to maintain a commitment.

Love.  It seems many people have lost the meaning of love. To truly be happy a pure love has to define the relationship. Love is forever. Love never gives up. Love is pure and true. Love means to put the significant other first in your life. Love never fails. Love never blames. To truly be happy and have a lasting relationship, love must conquer all.

Honor. Honor is a lost art. To honor the one you love is to respect and even obey. To obey someone is a taboo today. No one wants to be seen as obedient,  yet it is an honorable thing to do. We are advised to honor our parents, but not advised to honor our mate. A happy relationship takes sacrifice and it sometimes means to do what is hard. Honor your mate's wishes and respect your mate's choices.

Be true. To make a commitment work and to maintain happiness, truth must be told. A total and complete relationship will have no lies. Complete honesty with your mate will reward a relationship beyond all things. Truth and honesty are two of the most important factors in a relationship's longevity.

Acceptance. Regardless of how perfect your mate seemed at first, they will fail in the future. The genuine acceptance of faults will allow a relationship to grow. No one is perfect. Stop looking at your mates downfalls as unacceptable. Nurture and grow together. Help each other and learn about each other. Imperfection is life and growth is the answer.

Relationships will never be easy. In truth, easy is not the goal. Nothing that comes easy is truly appreciated. Learn to value the hard work that is unavoidable to maintaining happiness and love. Love your mate with enthusiasm and the rewards will be a hundredfold.

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