How to Help a Partner Overcome Trust Issues

If your partner has trust issues, you can help them get through this if you take a big breath, communicate as honestly as possible and think about your own actions. Part of moving past issues is knowing that the person you are with is listening, is trustworthy and will not repeat the mistakes a past lover or partner has made before. Thus, if you are a role model of a partner and keep the lines of communication open, you can not only help your loved one move past his or her trust issues, but you can also help your relationship grow.

The best love and relationship advice is to communicate with your partner, and this is especially important if they have trust issues. You want to know exactly what is going on with your partner. Thus, ask about the reasons for their trust issues. Ask about past relationships, family and school experiences. Be sure to find out exactly what they fear both in your relationship and with relationships in general.

Once you know the full extent of the issues, you can combat against them. Secondly, it helps to check in and to show your partner that you are thinking about them. Do small things like send them a text message or call just to say hello. Bring home small little gifts and bring up past conversations so that they know you have been listening. If you show that you remember them throughout the day, they will feel more secure. Remember important dates, both happy and sad, to show your partner that you care about them and remember important moments in their life.

Lastly, try your best to address issues right away so that your partner never has to wonder if something is brewing beneath the surface. You want your actions and thoughts to be transparent. A lot of trust issues come because a person has had experience with a partner who lied or kept things from them. If you are an open book, your partner can more easily overcome his or her trust issues.

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