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By Conny Manero
Ready to commit? Or want to keep it casual? Either way, gay men offer advice on how they discuss this touchy topic.
By Dave Singleton
How should you react when someone you've just met really needs someone to lean on? Get close? Or back off?
By Stephanie Davis
Wouldn't it be nice if there were literally visible red flags in a relationship? If things weren't quite right, a red flag would pop out. It would be a dead give-away that there is an impending relationship problem. There would be no guessing or needless paranoia because it would all be there in black and white (or red).
By Laura Leigh Fields
For a gay man dating someone who's not out yet, the question often is, Can this relationship be saved? Here's how to figure out the answer.
By Chris Barillas
Respect is important because lack of respect can have dreadful consequences.
By G. A. Sylverston
People love to talk about love. Some actually show it.
By Todd Pheifer
Unity brings people together on many different levels.
By Jamie Douglas
Anyone who has had a boyfriend has also had a fair share of boyfriend problems. There are tricks to overcoming them and getting back to enjoying the perks of having a favorite fellow.
By Lisa Bower
Everyone would like to know they are in a secure relationhship. It really should be easy to to tell if your relationship is safe and committed. Here is a little advice that should help soothe any insecurities.
By Steven Wayne Ansell
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