Is Your Husband a Mama's Boy?

The term "mama's boy" is often associated with men who refuse to stand up to their mother. If they are married, their wives usually feel angry and frustrated because they believe that their husbands are putting them in second place. These men might prefer the way their mother handled things such as cooking, laundry, or taking care of little medical emergencies. When comparing men in general, is your husband a mama's boy? If he is, relax, because it's not always a bad thing.

A mama's boy's wedding vows

When he promised to love, honor and cherish you "for better or worse," you can rest assured that he meant it. As the most important person in his mother's life, he was on the receiving end of love and respect. Emotionally secure, he might naturally shower you with that same affection.

Contrary to what you may think, mama's boys do not lack backbone. In fact, when the going gets tough, he might be your pillar of strength. If he went through some hard times with his mother, he will have learned not to be defeated by a little bad luck.

Living with a mama's boy

Being called a mama's boy is not an insult, but rather a compliment. Men who are close to their mothers are more likely to be in touch with their feelings and talk things through when there is a problem. Their love for their mother makes them respectful toward their wives, which virtually eliminates any possibility of physical abuse.

While no woman should put up with playing second fiddle to his mother, how you handle the situation is crucial. If she lays a claim on his time, throwing a tantrum might not be the best way to handle it. It might be a better idea to approach your mother-in-law directly and figure out a solution to a particular problem together. This will show her and your husband that you care for her, and that you want the three of you to get along without getting bogged down in competition for his time.

If you cannot stop him from going over to his mother, why not join him? Think of some activities you can all do together. If your schedule allows it, set up a regular time for visits, as this might eliminate impromptu visits.

If his mother frequently interrupts dinner or planned getaways, communicate your frustrations to your husband and his mother. Unless the woman is clairvoyant, she might not be aware of your domestic routine or vacation plans.

Mama's boy etiquette

Refrain from badmouthing your mother-in-law. Just put yourself in your husband's shoes -- how would you like it if he criticized your mom? If you feel the need to get something off your chest, talk to a girlfriend. If she has a mother-in-law, chances are she will know exactly what you are going through and might be able to offer some advice.

Is your husband a mama's boy? If it bothers you that he loves his mother so much, maybe you should look around and compare him to other guys. When it comes right down to it, who would you prefer? Your sensitive, caring husband, or the guy next door who doesn't respect women and frequently makes a nuisance of himself? Keep in mind that nobody's perfect. Your husband may love his mom, but he loves you, too.

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