Maintaining Healthy Relationships Means Avoiding These Mistakes

Maintaining healthy relationships is tricky business: One mistake and you could say goodbye to your loved one. If you're aware of your actions and communicate with your partner, you can avoid the end of the relationship. The following are ten common mistakes made in a relationship. Avoiding these can only improve your chances at love.

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid in a relationship is to avoid the passive-aggressive game. It's not fair to your loved one to expect them to guess what's wrong with you or to deal with small comments or acts of vengeance, such as burning his or her dinner or "forgetting" to put gas in his or her car. Remember that relationships are about communication.

One of the biggest pieces of dating, love and relationship advice a person can receive is to learn that an eye for an eye does not solve anything in a relationship. If your partner makes a mistake, you shouldn't try and make a mistake in response.

Make sure to listen to your partner. If you "mmhmm" your partner and stop listening to their account of their day or to their thoughts and feelings, then you might as well sit next to a blow-up doll at night. Successful relationships happen because two people take the time to listen to one another.

Don't make major decisions about your life together without input from your loved one. Know that decisions affect people, and if you make a decision about a joint purchase or even on what to have for dinner without asking for your partner's advice, they may feel disrespected.

Don't fall prey to the gimme gimme gimmes. A good relationship is one that is equal. Think about who runs the errands or who always pays of things or says "I love you" first: These simple things can add up in the long run. Holding a grudge will only set up the TNT for blowing up a relationship. Once you and your loved one talk through your issues - because this is the healthy thing to do - you should accept the apologies or words and move on. Holding grudges does nobody any good. Learn to live and let live: We all make mistakes.

Trying to change your partner from whom they are is a recipe for disaster. Take your loved one for whom they are and don't try to change their interests or how they look. Trying to change your partner will only make them feel insecure or angry and will frustrate you.

Being overly critical will harm your relationship. You should support them in their dreams, wishes, and interests. Nobody wants to feel inferior or ignored. Take the time to help your partner with their goals or to show an interest in his or her interests.

Nobody wants to be reminded of their loved one's exes all of the time: Keep your talk of the past short and brief. Talking about the past more than necessary could make your partner feel as though your current relationship isn't up to par.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make in a relationship is to sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of your loved one or the relationship. You want to compromise on things, but you don't want to settle when it comes to your interests, career, or happiness.

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