Resolving Relationship Trust Issues

Resolving relationship trust issues takes time and effort. It is not something that can be done in a day. If you have serious trust and relationship issues, you may need to seek relationship counseling as you navigate these stormy waters.

While couples counseling can be helpful, it is not the cure-all for trust or communications problems in relationships. Much of what happens in your relationship depends on how you handle this breach of trust, how much you want the relationship to work and how much your partner is willing to forgive.

If you are the person who has broken faith in the relationship, it is important that you begin resolving relationship trust issues.

Answer Any and All Questions
Once trust has been broken, the only way to restore trust again is to answer questions honestly and fully. Your partner doesn't know what to believe and what not to believe anymore, so you need to help him know who you are, what really happened, what you were thinking, how you feel about the breach of trust now and what your resolutions for the future are. Answering your partner's questions may be painful, but they will establish a baseline level of trust if your spouse is able to work through the issues with you.

Recognize the Fact That You May be on Probation For a While
If your breach of trust involved lying about finances, you may need to hand over all of the finances to your partner for a period of time. If the breach of trust involved lying about where you are and who you were with, you may need to check in your with your partner throughout the day and prove you really are where you say you are and with the people you claim you are with. No one can re-establish trust in an instant; it must be regained through repeated proof of trust-worthiness.

Offer to Pursue Whatever Avenue of Reconciliation Your Partner Desires
This may mean couples counseling, making and keeping specific commitments or pursuing individual therapy to address issues of concern. If your partner demands more than you feel you can give, you will have to decide if you are willing to mend the rift or if the breach of trust is irreparable.

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