Ten Ways to Tell if Your Guy Is a Mama's Boy

First, let's be clear that being a mama's boy is not necessarily a bad thing. If a guy loves and respects his mother, that is definitely a good sign. Like everything in life, though, problems arise when things go to the extreme. If you want to know the top 10 ways to tell if your guy is a mama's boy -- in the bad way -- here's what to look for:

10. He and his mother call each other more than once a day.

For some women, even once a day is extreme. But assuming that the conversations last only about five or 10 minutes, calling once a day does not necessarily mean you are entering red flag territory. On the other hand, if he has to check with his mother every time he goes to the bathroom, then flags should by flying for you.

9. His mother still does his laundry.

When a grown man can't throw some clothes into a machine and push a button all by himself, this is definitely an issue. Men who still take their laundry to their mother and bring it back fluffed and folded and smelling like a fresh spring morning have clearly not cut the cord.

8. He can't stop raving about his mother's cooking.

Most men think their mothers are the greatest cooks since Julia Child. And there is nothing wrong with giving credit where credit is due. But if your guy starts any critique of a meal you made him with the words, "My mother would have (fill in the blank)," you are looking at a lifetime of never living up to the legend.

7. His mother is his only Facebook friend.

Not only is that really sad, but it is also more than a little disturbing.

6. His mother still buys all or most of his clothes.

While it is true that more than a handful of men have no idea how to dress with style, there is something a little creepy about a man who still depends on his mother to control what he wears -- especially if she's buying his underwear, too. If it's a money issue, that's one thing; but if it's a fear of making decisions on his own, that's another.

5. He is jealous of other men in his mother's life.

Half the people in the nation have been through a divorce, so there is a good chance your guy's mother is out in the dating scene. Some sons just want their mothers to find someone who makes them happy. Other men find fault with every guy who even gets near good old mom. He might throw a tantrum or even sabotage the relationship when things start to get serious. That guy is the mama's boy you want to avoid at all costs.

4. His mother thinks he is perfect.

When a mother endlessly dotes on her son and is convinced that he can do no wrong, she is setting a pretty high standard. That means the moment you criticize him in any way -- even constructively -- you'll either open a floodgate of hurt or anger. If he's a true mama's boy, count on him telling his mother what you said -- and on her taking his side without hesitation. Two against one is tough to beat.

3. He thinks his mother is perfect.

The same principle works in reverse. If your mama's boy thinks his mother is perfect and can do no wrong, you had better think so, too. If you don't (which you won't, because no one is perfect), you'll have to spend your life biting your tongue or suffer the consequences.

2. He still lives with his mother.

A grown man still living with his mother is probably the worst type of mama's boy because it could mean he is deathly afraid to leave the nest. It also means he has probably not learned to do anything on his own or take on any kind of important responsibility. If he ever gets the courage to move out and move in with you, he's going to expect the same kind of pampering he has been getting from mommie dearest. So don't expect any help with the dishes.

1. He accidentally calls out his mother's name in bed instead of yours.

Enough said.

So there you have it -- the top 10 ways to tell if your guy is an extreme mama's boy. If your guy shows some or all of these signs, it doesn't automatically mean the relationship is doomed. But be afraid. Be very afraid.

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