The Pros and Cons of Dating a Mama's Boy

It has happened to most of us. Just as we reach our personal limit of dating unreasonable jerks, we will encounter the mama's boy who sometimes makes us wish for the take-charge attitude of "normal" men. However, any experience in life is worth learning. If you encounter a mama's boy in your dating phase, there are pros and cons to consider as you evaluate moving forward.

Pro: Safety

Since mama's boys think highly of their mothers, you will be much less likely to get hurt in a physical manner. When going out on the town with a mama's boy, it might be easier for you to let your guard down and actually enjoy yourself without waiting for a shoe to drop.

Pro: Treatment

While dating a mama's boy, you could find yourself being treated like a queen. Mama's boys tend to treat their dates like they would their mothers, with a high level of respect and chivalry. This kind of conduct can be very refreshing. You never know -- you could find yourself enjoying this behavior and able to overlook other shortcomings.

Con: Not good enough

One of the biggest cons of dating a mama's boy is the danger of no woman ever passing the bar that his mother sets. It can be hard to overcome unreasonable standards and can play havoc with your self-esteem. It takes a very secure woman who is willing to grow to overcome this hurdle. How high this standard is depends on the respective mother.

Con: Lack of privacy

Chances are that there will be plenty of interruptions in your dating routine as you try to get to know your man. His mother is likely to phone him frequently, interrupting dinners and other engagements, without regard as to what he might be doing. An even more awkward situation can occur when she is likely to stop by unannounced and most certainly has a key to his residence. It's very hard for most women to deal with the possibility of mama walking into the middle of intimate relations.

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