Domestic violence-How to help someone involved with this


Woman involved in domestic violence during the holidays

Statistics show that one in four women will be abused in her lifetime. Men are often victims too. Domestic violence is so prevalent, that you just may know someone who is in an abusive relationship. Whether the abuse is emotional or physical, abuse comes in many forms. The abuse can be in the form of control through financial manipulation, physical constraint bordering on kidnapping, language with the abuser spouting self-deprecating words to the abused.

A woman who has been battered both emotionally and physically has issues with self-esteem. Around the holiday season, she sees herself as an outsider, a pariah. So, to an outsider, especially one who is not acquainted with the incredulous and emotionally overwhelming challenges an endangered woman goes through day to day, they often find it hard to fathom while she will continue to endure this punishment by staying in the relationship.

At times, this treatment is all she knows and she could even become complacent. It could also be financial reasoning. Where would the woman go after all? The shame attributed to abuse is difficult in itself for one to admit, let alone hold conversations about. Sometimes the women doesn?'t even understand why she goes through this herself.

If you are friend who is eager to help an abused woman/man out of a destructive relationship, but find it hard to convince them of this, try using an understanding and non-blaming tone. Acknowledge to them that this is a scary time and they are not alone. Try to help them find the courage to report the abuser.

If a friend wants to leave an abusive relationship, it is best to encourage them as much as possible. Help them find a safe exit plan, as they may need this recourse, especially if the abuser has weapons in their possession. There are shelters out there that will assist the abused in finding secretive accommodations, feed, clothe and even comfort them in their time of need. 

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