Should You Ever Try to Change a Partner

In every relationship, those involved inevitably have or develop some bad habits. It's part of being human - if a relationship is based on expectations of perfection, then both partners are in for quite a shock. While many bad habits are harmless, some cause problems in relationships - from grating quirks to life-threatening behaviors. Knowing the difference and knowing when to draw the line is key. Whether or not you should try to change a partner is an important issue to consider before taking action. The answer can mean the end of your relationship, or a whole new beginning.

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Are you in a bad relationship or not sure it will last? Find out how to tell the difference between the signs of a bad relationship and a good one.

Being in a controlling relationship can make you feel stuck and maybe even alone in the world. However, if you can identify that this relationship is controlling, you can take the necessary steps to reclaim your freedom, and, if possible, work on putting your relationship back on the right track.
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Letting go of a bad relationship is an emotional process full of self-doubt. It is, however, possible to let that negative relationship become part of the past.

Signs of an abusive relationshipare often overlooked in the beginning. Falling in love feels so overwhelmingly good that women dismiss potential problems. You have a tendency to give yourself completely to another person in order to make sure that your partner is happy and committed to you as much as you are to him.

At the root of all trust issues is a past betrayal. No matter how long ago that betrayal occurred, a person will not learn to let others in until she has begun working through trust issues.
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