How to Rebuild Trust in Marriage

You can rebuild trust in marriage. As with most love and relationship advice, there are no hard and fast rules for restoring trust; every person's tolerance for betrayal and forgiveness is different. These suggestions are intended to help you start down the road of establishing a deep level of trust in your marriage.

Open Up About What Caused the Breach of Trust
For forgiveness to happen and trust to be re-established, both partners need to understand what happened in the head and heart of the person who broke trust. If both parties are willing to rebuild trust in marriage, listen to the thoughts and feelings that lead up to the breaking of trust, an understanding of one another on a fundamental level is possible, opening the channels of forgiveness and the beginning of a new commitment to one another as partners on the same team, both fully vested in the relationship.

Realize That Others Have Gone Through It Before You
If you only knew what went on behind the closed doors of other relationships, you'd find out that multiple marriages have survived devastating trust issues. You may benefit from reading up on the specific type of trust issue you are facing. It may also help to see a couples counselor who can help you learn about how other couples have faced and overcome similar challenges.

Allow Time to Heal Your Wounds to Rebuild Trust in Marriage
Trust can only be restored over time as you and your partner make new commitments and then keep them, honoring each other over and over again. Every time you and your partner keep a commitment to one another, you are rebuilding that foundation of trust, stronger and sturdier than before. Remember to recommit to each other verbally and in action as you rebuild your marriage.

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