What Are Emotional Affairs, and Can They Hurt Your Marriage

You can have an emotional affair, perhaps even without knowing it. You don't have to have sex with someone or engage in physical intimacy to have an affair. This is because so many people believe that cheating is only about physical touch. However, emotional affairs are not only possible, they are becoming more and more prevalent, given that people see them as safe or not really acts of betrayal. Still, an emotional affair can do a lot of harm to a marriage, even end it. You should learn the signs of these affairs before it becomes too late and your marriage self-destructs.

An emotional affair is when you forgo emotional intimacy with your spouse and instead have this with a friend or coworker. Instead of talking to your spouse, you talk to another person about your hopes, dreams, thoughts, and life. Now, it is important to note that you are bound to have emotional intimacy with friends and coworkers, but that you need to be aware of the balancing of this intimacy. If you no longer confide in your spouse or tell them what you are really thinking, then you have a real problem on your hands and may need marriage help. The problem is when you the emotional intimacy you share with friends and coworkers replaces or outweighs the intimacy you share with your partner.

Secrecy is a major sign of an emotional affair. Do you tell your spouse about your conversations with this friend? Do you talk about this friend? If you keep this friendship from your spouse or lie about what the two of you talk about or did, then it's a major sign that there is something wrong with your marriage. You should be able to tell your spouse anything. Thus, if you start keeping secrets from him or her while confiding more heavily in another person, then an emotional affair is at play.

Emotional affairs are serious because they show that you no longer trust your spouse or want to confide in him or her about what you are thinking. If you do not deal with this issue, then your marriage could be over before you know it. Instead of finding emotional intimacy elsewhere, you and your loved one need to talk about the state of your relationship, where it is going, and what you want from it before it is too late.

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